Best Way To Fix Windows Server 2008 R2 Event ID 5774

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    If you have windows Server 2008 r2 event ID 5774 on your system, this guide may help you.

    If customers can’t log in even after they try your twelve passwords, or if they find out you have a computer with password-protected profiles, don’t worry; your business doesn’t need to do anything new in Windows. We’ll show you how to change or reset your own Windows password using the Ubuntu Live CD.

    This method works specifically for the NT version of Windows—usually for pretty much everyone from Windows 2000 and up. And yes, it’s made from 7 windows.

    Note. If there are files on this drive that are encrypted with Windows Built-in Encryption, they may not be found after changing the Windows password using this method. Be careful if you have encrypted important files. Need

    Your ideal CD 9 ubuntu.10 Live CD or flash drive bootable Ubuntu 9.10. If you don’t have it, or if you forgot how to boot from a flash drive, read our article on creating a bootable Ubuntu 9.10 flash drive.

    The program with which we can move passwords Chntpw, windows is a text program. The installation steps are definitely different between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu.

    Open the p managerSynaptic packages by clicking System under Administration at the top of the screen and then clicking Synaptic Package Manager. Found

    chntpw is in this universe repository. Repositories are a way for Ubuntu to bundle software as partners, allowing users to choose whether to only have open source software maintained by the Ubuntu developers, or somewhere else, and use the software with different driver licenses and maintainers. enable p>

    For the From universe repositories option, click Settings repositories >. In the

    Synaptic window

    Check the box next to the “Community Supported Open Source Software (Universe)” group and click Close.

    If you change the databases from which you select the client software, you must reload the list of available software. In the main Synaptic window, click the “Update” button. Get

    After Synaptic is loaded, you need to rebuild your view index. Label above field The text message next to the Search button reads “Rebuild Search Index”. If “Quick Search” is displayed below, enter its text in the box. The package will be displayed in the

    Click the checkbox next to chntpw. Click to mark. Will

    chntpw won’t be installed until you see the changes, so click the “Apply” button in the Synaptic Now.Changes window

    This should be applied at the end of the day. When you have chosen done, close.

    chntpw is now installed! You close the Synaptic Package Manager. Continued from Using chntpw reset password.

    The version available in the Ubuntu universe that uses chntpw will not work well on an acceptable 64-bit machine. Luckily, there is an alternative fix in the Debian unstable branch, let’s download it from there and pause it manually.

    Open Firefox. Whether it’s the new favorite browser or not, it’s fairly readily available on the Ubuntu Live CD environment, making it somewhat the easiest to use. At the top of the latter there is a link to Firefox.

    Go to and download the latest chntpw for compilation on 64-bit machines.

    Note. In most cases, it may be better to add the unstable Debian branch to the package repository, but since the Live CD reverts to original gov after a reboot, it’s faster to just download the .deb-File.Can file

    You can close Firefox if you like. Open the Windows Terminal by clicking “Applications” in the upper left corner of the current screen, expand the “Accessories” folder by clicking “Terminal”.

    In the terminal window, enter the following text and click “Get” after each line:

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    CD downloads
    sudo dpkg I –chntpw*

    Before running chntpw, you must mount your Windows installation’s hard drive harnesses. In most 9 cases, Ubuntu.10 makes this easy.

    windows server 2008 r2 event id 5774

    Tap Places in the upper left corner of the screen. If your Windows hard drive is easily recognizable (usually by size), let it go.

    If it’s not quite clear, click “On Computer” and check every drive on your hard drive until buyers find the right one.

    The voucher will contain a WINDOWS file player. If you will find it, pay attention to the label of your drive, which is displayed in the menu bar of the file browser.

    If the person doesn’t already have one, create a terminal by selecting the window under Accessories > Applications > Terminal.

    cd /media

    Press Enter after each line. You should see one or more guitar string lyrics; One of these messages should match the string that many have previously displayed in the header line of all file browsers.


    Because continuous typing on a hard drive without a disk would no doubt be very tedious, you can use fast typing by typing the first matching or numbered labels (capitals are important) and pressing Tab. It will automatically complete the specified remainder of the line first (if the letters or numbers of the method can be found unambiguously).

    windows server 2008 r2 event id 5774

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