Solved: How To Fix Windows Firewall Not Activating Virus

In some cases, your computer may display a message stating that Windows Firewall is not activating a virus. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    Restart the firewall service.Make a very fine tuning of the register.Run dedicated online troubleshooting.Reset your firewall settings.Use Command Prompt to force reset Windows Firewall.Uninstall new security updates.Use third party antivirus software.

    When reviewing my snowboards, this question is often asked: I really can’t turn on Windows Defender manually, Windows Defender might not turn on, or it doesn’t have to turn on and run Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, or maybe Windows 7.. In such a case, if you have a problem, this article may help.

    Windows Defender Cannot Be Activated On Windows 11/10

    Why can’t I turn on Windows Defender antivirus?

    An outdated Windows operating system may be causing an issue with activating Windows Defender. Some users claim they can fix the problem simply by adding the latest Windows update – most signature updates are required for Windows Defender to keep your PC relaxed.

    windows firewall will not turn on virus

    If you are having problems starting Windows Defender, try one of the following suggestions:

    1. Check, you needWhether to install other security software.
    2. Check the time or time on your PC.
    3. Run Windows Update.
    4. Check Internet Zone Settings
    5. Check Group Policy Settings.
    6. Check registry settings.
    7. Check the status associated with the service.
    8. Easily scan your PC with antivirus software.
    9. Check the AllowUserUIAccess value.

    1] Check the instance if you have installed any other security software

    One of the most common Windows Defender issues is that Windows Defender is disabled when it detects third-party antivirus software. Windows is supposed to detect the actual presence of installed security software, but we often see their notification in the Action Center. One of the most common problems we’ve encountered in the past is installing multiple security software. This often leads to conflict between your children.and ultimately causes more anger than well-being. Frequent app crashes and crashes are some of the most common problems, so if you’re doing anything other than installing anti-virus software, definitely software.

    To avoid this situation, Windows Defender is disabled when it detects another security program. If your security application has this firewall, Windows Firewall may no longer work. Therefore, if you want Windows Defender to work, you also need to uninstall third-party social security software and restart your system.

    Often, when people buy a new laptop, they don’t know if a security product is actually installed. Most of the time it comes with an educational version of security software like Norton, McAfee, etc. Then if you have applications like. Download flash or java, this guy might suggest you uninstall the security scanner if most of them don’t notice. Thus, it is better to look for your computer. p directly if you are not sure whether the security software is installed or not. Once removed, the person may need to turn it back on and lose consciousness again.

    Type Windows Defender in the search box and press Enter. Click on Settings and make sure there is a check mark next to it. We recommend that you enable real-time protection.

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    In Windows 10, Windows Security> Virus protection is also available via toggle switch for real-time protection when enabled.

    2] Probably check the date on your PC

    Another issue that can prevent Windows Defender from working properly is incorrect display or timing on your Windows personal computer. Make sure you set the correct Windows clock and date, then try turning off Windows Defender and see if it works fine. Oddly enough, most of the functionality of the entire Windows operating system will work when the system date and time has passed. Therefore, the wrong time or date can cause abnormal behavior in your primary operating system.eme Windows.

    3] Run Windows Update

    Another important event that can cause problems is when you find that Windows is not up to date with Windows Update. This can cause problems with Windows Defender or any other root Windows application. When it comes to effective security software, it always needs the latest signature updates and all other important Windows updates to keep your PC safe. So I’d really like to run a full Windows update and then go to Windows Defender and update from there with. Then check if your Windows Defender is working properly.

    4] Check your internet zone settings

    The above scenarios are very common. Apart from this, there can also be a few minor issues that can affect most of the way Windows Defender works. This could be a misconfigured zone on the Internet. Which traveler can you fix by resetting Internet Explorer settings to factory settings. Even if it turns out that you are using a proxy serverp Windows Defender will not be updated.

    How do I fix my antivirus not turning on?

    If Windows Defender isn’t working, it’s usually because it’s on Supports other antivirus software. Make sure you uninstall the third-party security solution correctly using a dedicated program. Try checking the system file with the many command line tools built into your operating system.

    In such cases, you will need to make small changes to your proxy server.


    5] Group check policy setting

    Computer Configuration> Administrative Template> Windows Components> Windows Defender Antivirus.

    How do you force enable Windows Firewall?

    To harden Windows Defender Firewall and customize the default behavior. Open the Group Policy Management Console for Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. In the details pane, under Overview, click Windows Defender Firewall Properties.

    In the right pane, double-click Windows Defender Antivirus.

    6] Check your registry settings

     HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Policies  Microsoft  Windows Defender 

    Find the DisableAntiSpyware key. If it doesn’t matter, just create a new DWORD (32-bit) value.

    7] Check service status

    run.msc to open the service manager. Make sure the running Windows Defender service is set to automatic c.

    8] Scan your computer with portable antivirus software

    Finally, the malware itself, which is important to Windows Defender, may not function correctly. You can download the standalone Windows Defender tool or any other standalone antivirus software and runGet the perfect scan.

    9] Check the AllowUserUIAccess value

    If the Virus & Threat Protection option is in-depth in Windows Security, Andrew suggests the following:

    Why is Windows Firewall not working?

    Windows 8 and 10 users can try fixing firewall issues manually instead. Right-click the Windows taskbar type and select Task Manager, then click More Details if it appears. In the Task Manager window, go to the Services tab and then click Open Services at the bottom. Then click OK and restart your computer to update the firewall.

     Computer  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Policies  Microsoft  Windows Defender  Policy Manager 

    windows firewall will not turn on virus

    Here are some common reasons Windows Defender won’t start.

    PS: Windows Defender is disabled or running. Provides additional troubleshooting suggestions that may also interest you.

    Sometimes you might want to read these comments to help you troubleshoot Windows problems:

    1. Protective disk error 0x800106a, Windows Defender will not continue working
    2. Windows Defender error code 0x800106ba: The application could not be initialized.
    3. Windows Defender Error: MSASCui.exe Γ’ € “Component could not be found
    4. Error 0x80070422 The service could not be started by Windows Defender
    5. Error 0x80508020, 0x800705b4 via Windows Defender.

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