How To Fix Winamp IPod Problems?

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    Sometimes your system may display an error stating that there are problems with Winamp iPod. There are several reasons that can cause this problem.

    I had a hard time downloading the latest version of Winamp (not the Pro version, but not the paid version) and got all my music videos to my computer in my variety. Then I plugged in my own Ipod which I just bought, which I bought on Ebay … this is the wonderful Ipod 80 of the 6th Gigabyte Gen. It had mp3s on it when I got the following, but since I am not using iTunes I had to reformat the situation on my Windows 7 PC, plug it in and everything was erased, which is what I put in the kid expected. So the back was fundamentally new.

    I synced it with my new Winamp and transferred all the files of my favorite songs in the band’s library to the ipod. Synchronization was successful, no problem. When everything was done, I waited for this sync to complete and then waited for the ipod to disconnect from my PC until I did everything “safe”using a hardware route d. Eject or as soon as it was for a safe shutdown. Then I checked my iPod ….. music was not showing. I connected my iPod to open my computer and put it into disk mode. All this music and these music files came from the iPod. I regulate the process and the result is the same. The iPod shows all these Winamp paid music files, but the music is not available on all iPods when I try to listen to the background rating on it. Yes

    I’ve seen thousands of posts about this sort of thing, thousands with responses, etc. and it’s all completely confusing because they all use routes. I don’t use I Tunes, I won’t have it on my PC. I had an older iPod and could load all my own Winamp songs onto it. There are no problems with mp3. This iPod is new and everything seems to be working fine. It even looks brand new. The guy I bought it from on Ebay obviously had no medical problem downloading thousands of songs originally from iTunes plus album covers after I bought them because they were full songs / artists / albums that I already have onI was able to put it on the ipod when I won the auction, which he did. So some iPods have performed very well and that will help.

    I saw on Winamp user chat boards that someone asked for a similar entity and someone wrote that this is a problem with the Winamp ipod plugin and gave a link … I tried this link several times to get it but its there did not have.

    Does anyone know how to do this without iTunes? I am using 7, Windows will no longer get iTunes even after I download it to my computer. I reformatted the ipod, let alone lost all installed ringtones, but do I need to sync it with the winamp library along with the download? It looks like after syncing with Winamp it has all my songs except when I turn on my iPod it says NO MUSIC.

    Please help !!!!! Hints? And why is the song file loaded but not displayed on the ipod when clicking on the menu?

    December 11, 2007 10:52 am ANo. 9

    Does Winamp work with iPod?

    WinAMP still exists, and includes some iPod models.

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    Does Winamp work on iPhone?

    Winamp is not available for iPhone, but there are many alternatives with similar functionality. Other interesting iPhone alternatives for Winamp were Vox Music Player (Freemium), GOM Player (Freemium), jetAudio (Freemium), and Roon (Paid).

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    Originally posted by fatcerberus1
    Unfortunately, if you’ve lost the albums you’ve created due to the 3.02 upgrade (like many others), the main solution is to reformat your iPod.

    winamp ipod problems

    No, no, that’s not true. There was no need to reformat. Our good friend. Stupifier did it because he couldn’t remember better. ALL problems with 3.02 Triggerred were caused by users blindly clicking OK in this iPod-like discussion.

    All that is required is that modelnumstr fixes the entry in the ini file. To do this, run the results guide in the FAQ:
    “If you can’t see the artwork for this album on your iPod, then most likely ml_ipod won’t guess the correct iPod type, so you could help.

    Disconnect * your iPod
    7. Start Winamp.
    (Space) Now press and hold the Ctrl and Space keys while connecting your iPod until the music player type selection dialog appears lya
    6. Select any correct type (!) In this dialog box and click “OK”.
    * When your iPod appears in Winamp, click the eject button
    * Wait for complete ejection (iPod tells us “OK, disconnect”)
    1. Disconnect the iPod.
    7. Reconnect the iPod.
    4. When the iPod is displayed in Winamp, use the Refresh All Photo Album Covers feature in the iPod tools.

    winamp ipod problems

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    No, no, that’s not true. There was no need to reformat. Our colleague Stupifier did it because he didn’t get it better. ALL 3.02 issues were caused by users blindly clicking OK in this iPod-like discussion.

    All that is needed is to correct the modelnumstr entry from the last ini file. Take a look at the instructions in the FAQ:
    “If album art is not showing on your iPod, in most cases ml_ipod cannot guess the correct iPod type, so this week is the perfect place to browseGet it.

    (Space) Disconnect iPod
    5. Start Winamp
    (Space) Now press the space bar and keys and hold them on the paper while attaching the iPod until the iPod type selection dialog box appears.
    7. Select all the correct types (!) In this dialog box and click OK.
    * Once your itouch appears in Winamp, press any key to eject
    * Wait for complete ejection (iPod said “Ok to disconnect”)
    2. Disconnect the iPod.
    7. Reconnect the iPod.
    4. Once the iPod appears in Winamp, use the “Refresh All Book Graphics” function in the iPod tools.

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    Originally posted by fatcerberus1
    Unfortunately, in general, if you have lost image files due to upgrade to 3.02 (like many others), the only solution is to reformat your MP3 music player.

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