Steps To Fix Winamp Audiobook For IPod Issues

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    In this user guide, we are going to describe some of the possible reasons that Winamp iPod Audiobook may cause, and then suggest some possible solutions that you can try to fix the problem.

    I have collected over 70 audiobooks stored on my own iPod (not what I want to “read” next time).

    I recently noticed that not all audiobooks show less than the audiobook menu of my iPod even though they are set in the correct playlist in Winamp both in the wamp library and here in the iPod library view using winamp files

    These are m4b files created with iPod audiobook converter and they actually show up as music files when I use the search function. They act like an audiobook (remember where I last stopped playing). They usually do not appear in the current audiobook menu.

    Do you have any idea what could be causing this and how to work with it?

    New version 1.41, regarding ml_iPod Podcasting, audiobook structure and support (in v2.00 podcast management was improved and now the iPod Podcasts menu is used).

    How Do I Turn A Track Into An Effective Audiobook Or Podcast?

    winamp ipod audiobook

    We use two elements to mark an absolutely specific track as aaudiobook or audiobook

    Podcast with audiobook:

    Differ Only In Type. You Can Tag Your Audiobooks With The Genres You Want. In The Settings, You Can Change The Genres That Will Be Considered Audiobooks, An Unlimited Number Of Genres Is Possible:

    If You Are Taking Advantage Of * .m4b Audiobooks, Make Sure Entry Is Entered In Options Due To Winamp As Described Here.


    Processing a podcast takes a different approach: you specify a specific directory of pleasure and experience, and everything in that directory is automatically marked as “Podcast” when the podcast starts syncing. All files will be in the Podcast style. This genre name can be changed in the settings (not recommended), there is only one genre for podcasts.

    Any songs marked as audiobooks or podcasts will be skipped when using the iPod shuffle function. Men and women also remember their position of reading “East” (the iPod calls this “meaningful”). When you return to a great audiobook after a few tracks, you are sure to havehear where someone is staying


    does not appear in the audiobooks menu on the iPod. This is due to the limitation of the iPod firmware. The iPod only stores tracks 3. with the .aa or * .m4b extension in the person’s Audiobooks menu. Even if we mark a track as “audiobook”, it still doesn’t show everything. I am very sorry that we could not do anything. Fortunately, the menus can be corrected with smart playlists, see below.UPDATE: With version 2.04p09, this limitation has been applied to the fixed iPod nano. All mp3 audiobooks, even * .mp3, should now show up in the audiobooks menu if they are tagged with the correct genre. Unfortunately, this only works with Nano.

    Some Examples Of Smart Playlist Issues Such As IPod

    A smart playlist that displays all audiobooks (according to your personal genres):

    winamp ipod audiobook

     Type BEGINS Speech OR Genre = Audiobook OR Genre BEGINS Speech

    A smart playlist that displays all unread podcasts that have not yet been rated (only gives an idea of ​​LIVE updates):

     Genre = ET  Podcast! Game counter> = 1 and! set> = 1

    Tips For Using Podcasting Support:

    • Upload your own podcasts to a specific directory hierarchy on your computer.
    • Configure this download directory as a viewing folder in the appropriate media library to ensure that downloaded episodes are automatically displayed by Winamp.
    • Tell ml_iPod about these instructions in the config site directory (Settings -> iPod Support -> Speak Your Eyes -> Top Podcast Folder)
    • Plug in your iPod and usually navigate to the iPod page in your library.
    • Click the Sync Podcasts button.
      • All files in the top-most podcast folder and all subsequent folders are now automatically tagged with the Podcast music genre.
      • All new podcast periods will migrate to iPod touch.
    • After listening to a very good episode on an iPod, a portion of the play counter is automatically incremented with the itouch (only when you hear most of the end, unlike Winamp’s behavior).
    • During the next “Synchronization podkastov ”this episode is likely to be automatically removed from the MP3 file.
      • You can turn off the deletion of podcasts when syncing in ml_iPod settings by unchecking the “Delete controversial podcasts from iPod when syncing podcasts” checkbox.
    • To manually mark podcasts for deletion on next sync, you must also enable the “Delete persistent podcasts> = 1 from iPod when syncing podcasts” setting when listening to those podcasts on your iPod, rate most podcasts. 1-5. Is it informative for podcasts that don’t grab your attention and that you want to skip?
      • If someone has turned on chapter tags to support audiobooks / podcasts, the rating feature on Apple iPods can be turned off and you really need to delete podcasts manually.

    Video Podcasts

    If you want to use educational podcasts, certain conditions are required.

    Most importantly, your video podcast must deliver DVDs as * .m4v or * .mp4 files. Some podcasts are delivered in QuickTime format (* .mov), this is not supported in ml_iPod.

    Then make sure you set up Wina correctlymp for m4v videos.

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    Video podcasts should now work the same as audio podcasts.

    ITunes Related Podcasts

    Warning: ml_ipod podcast management is not interchangeable with iTunes. It is currently undesirable to manage podcasts in iTunes, return them to iPod, and then manage your music on Apple iPod with ml_iPod. The podcast lists that iTunes fills up are being destroyed to some extent. Sorry, but are there any restrictions …

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