Wii Gecko Operating System Error Solution Not DVD

In the past few days, some readers have reported that they have encountered wii gecko os error no dvd issue.

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    So I get this error every time I click “start game”. Regarding the config options and how to change them in the AXNextFrame, I cannot access the config options because the source is that I cannot select them. But these people are my steps that I took anyway: â €

    1. Downloaded the following: NUS Downloader, SD Card Maker, Gecko OS, WinImage, Project M (Homebrew Full Set)

    2. Created in SD This card is 2 GB in size

    3. Project M is extracted to a folder called “SD card”

    4. WinImage open

    5. Sd.raw selected

    6. Click the image then paste the folder

    7. The current folder with items from the M project (SD card folder) is selected and also restored

    8. SD card deleted

    9. I forgot to mention my new ISO defined as standard

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      I ran NUS Downloader v1.0.0

    11. Verified ” Pack -> WAD “

    12. Selected Database> IOS> 36> Latest Version

    13. Then I clicked Start Download NUS “

    14. I’ve been to Dolphin and wherever it is since you installed WAD

    15. Then I , of course, was “open”, switched on Geckoboot.elf, then my specific error came up: “DVD not found, I checked my DVD, nothing was at home, then I tried main.dol but still.

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    wii gecko os error no dvd

    I accidentally stuck all the wires in the wrong passage before, much to my regret and / or apologize for participating, unfortunately I will try again in the CORRECT section

    So most people have successfully run Brawl mods like Brawl Minus, Project M, etc. with a bad SD card image, Dolphin, and in general Brawl / RSBE01 ISO image with Gecko OS. Now with Dolphin IOS36 le.wad needs to be installed, which I did before and this is not a problem, but no matter how often I download SD.raw using Gecko OS 1.9 .3.1, the message “No. DVD “error, but keep in mind that Brawl made the default ISO. At first I thought it swapped my Da ISO, I swapped so many files too, and now I have increased their size to over 7.4GB. but tried to keep an unchanged ISO on my hard drive, same direct result, so that ISO image itself is not really a problem.

    wii gecko os error no dvd

    Then I tried countless Dolphin versions, 4.0, 4.0.2, 4.0-Test 1302, nothing, the DVD is still mostly for me, if there is an error, I put boot.elf in the OS Gecko folder, I don’t know how well, these people have the ability to use SD.raw, very successfulo after working with Gecko OS and ISO with Dolphin if I have no problem with these mods for fighting. I know Project M will work with Dolphin before this method because I’ve seen a lot of videos and a lot, talked a lot, so I’m very lucky it’s PEBKAC or I’m using Dolphin versions conflicting with Homebrew, main app and virtual business card SD. I have tried unsuccessfully to ask a question on Dolphin Discussion Boards. Has anyone found this problem?

    I went through a very tedious lesson on how to properly create files, folders, what to create, etc. on SD, but unfortunately this also seems to be in vain, I have no idea why this “works” with Gecko OS clearly not must. Here’s a video I followed:

    Again, some of my ISO rips are clean, but they probably refused to boot with the entire virtual SD card or Gecko OS, so I know the ISO is not the only problem. And yes, SD.raw will be permanently placed in the Wii directory and will have “insert SD card” enabled, just like setting Brawl as the default ISO.

    Personalized table –
    Processor: Intel Core i5 3570 3.4 to 3.8 GHz (Turbo Boost)
    Graphiccpu: MSI nVidia GTX 660 2 GB GDDR5
    RAM: 8192 MB DDR3 SDRAM 10600 pc2 1333 MHz
    Operating System: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 7200 RPM 1TB Hard Drive

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    [color = green] Windows X64 7 / i5 4690k – 3.5 GHz / GTX 970/8 GB It-RAM [/ color]

    Maybe you’re using the PAL design of your ISO instead of the awesome NTSC version? You cannot change the PAL version of the problem. You can always try to control the injection method, which I think is generally better if you don’t keep tweaking the game with new mods. Here is a guide on how to execute Project Play M on Dolphin using injection: http://smashboards.com/threads/project-m-dolphin-online-via-netplay-full-setup-optimization-guide.346700/page – 3 # post-16610981

    Gecko gw990 didn’t work for me either if you’ve tried it recently. Have you used the following?

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