Troubleshooting Tips Weblogic Crashes When Iiop Subsystem Is Enabled

If Weblogic is enabled in the iiop subsystem of your system, this blog post should help.

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    After rebooting the PC, the Weblogic OTM server did not work. This was revealed forever after I found these lines in weblogic.log:

    ####15. Sep 2011 17:22:38 EDT Info Weblogic iiop.justanexample.com gc3-appotms1 [ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: ‘0’ for Queue: ‘weblogic.kernel.Default (self-configuring)’ WLS Core 1316121758429 BEA-002014 IIOP – Subsystem included.

    Google search for “Weblogic adds IIOP subsystem indicator BEA-002014 with indicator enabled”

    Usually after enabling the iiop subsystem, weblogic web starts “security” I suggest using “ldap” Directory Specify location as “< /p>serversdata” and start the server.
    This issue may be caused by the possibility of LDAP data corruption.

    I abandoned Apache and

    cd weblogic $ GLOG_HOME/weblogic/domains/otm/servers/gc3-appotms1/data

    mv ldap ldap.old

    Apache and Came weblogic restarted

    < p> After Weblogic everything is in okay.

    If your weblogic server startup hangs in the IIOP subsystem, this article will help you demonstrate the solution to the whole problem.

    IO enabled.>
    < IIOP > Po system

    If there is clearly NO activity after the IIOP subsystem is activated, it means that some security configuration is difficult to initialize. Typically, after activating the IIOP subsystem, Weblogic will initiate server “secure” data strategically placed in the “serversdata” folder, possibly using corrupt art. Therefore, you must rename the LDAP folder below (“serversdata”) and start the Weblogic server.

    weblogic stuck at iiop subsystem enabled

    ============================================= === ===============
    Applies to:
    Weblogic: 10.3.6 and later
    ============================================= === ===============
    Brief description of the problem:
    Weblogic Administrator hangs on server on reboot.

    weblogic stuck at iiop subsystem enabled


    <1. Dec 2016 13:56:18 is>
    <1. Dec 2016 13:56:18 IST>
    <1. Dec 2016 13:56:18 IST>

    ============================================= === ===============
    The problem may be related to a corrupted LDAP. It just blocks/integrates This is when LDAP is started.

    ============================================= === ===============
    1. Log in to your web hosting administrator
    2. Make a backup in $DOMAIN_HOME/servers//data/ldap.
    3. Restore LDAP from a working clone $DOMAIN_HOME/servers//data/ldap/backup
    We can start the welogic administration server and the LDAP directory will be created systematically.
    Please note that if you restart your computer’s administration server without restoring LDAP, many users will be denied access, except for Weblogic users.



    < /div>

    WebLogicEJB server crashes on startup
    Wednesday Product: Savvion
    Version: all supported versions
    Operating system: all platforms are recognized
    Application Server: Weblogic
    Question/problem description
    Reason< /th>

    resolution < img alt="" src="/img/s.gif">

    Because the download hangs due to the “IIOP subsystem enabled” log line, we recommend reading the following WebLogic thread:


    This suggests that a large amount of corrupted WebLogic LDAP data may be the cause. The behavior is similar to what you normally see and a suggestion that works for other clients is to rename the ‘ldap’ service present in serversdata and renameShut down all servers. This “ldap” directory is only used by WebLogic and is certainly not used by the Savvion product.

    If the main thread above doesn’t resolve this issue, we highly recommend that you create a WebLogic support ticket, as this is outside of our normal area of ​​expertise, as these are just the related behaviors of WebLogic products.

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    Weblogic이 Iiop 하위 시스템에서 멈춤 활성화됨
    Weblogic Zastryal Na Vklyuchennoj Podsisteme Iiop
    Weblogic Preso No Subsistema Iiop Habilitado
    Weblogic Vast Bij Iiop Subsysteem Ingeschakeld
    Weblogic Bloccato Nel Sottosistema Iiop Abilitato
    Weblogic Utknal W Podsystemie Iiop Wlaczony
    Weblogic Bloque Au Sous Systeme Iiop Active
    Weblogic Atascado En El Subsistema Iiop Habilitado
    Weblogic Har Fastnat Vid Iiop Delsystemet Aktiverat
    Weblogic Bleibt Bei Aktiviertem Iiop Subsystem Hangen

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