Vmware Usb Error Code 4? Repair Immediately

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    In recent days, some readers have encountered a known error with vmware usb 4 error code. This issue can occur for several reasons. Now let’s talk about some of them.

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    It looks like this: the virtual machine will walk (32-bit XP / W2K3), the USB drives are switched on the host and this can be described as being available on the host

    Try installing it on a VM, hosts are eager to install new VMware USB devices, it communicates with Windows Update, etc.

    In the meantime, I am getting error code ten from the VMWare USB arbiter in the VM notification, in which new hardware indicates in free time that the device is not connected

    But the actual device is still sold to the host, I can try to reconnect it to the VM (without disconnecting first) and it may or may not work

    vmware usb error code 4

    Sometimes I have to unplug it and plug it back in by using and retrying

    This never happened on a 32-bit W2k3 host with a 6.x workstation

    Hello, I am having serious problems solving the problem I encountered earlier. I have a wireless flash adapter that I want to connect to in VMware (in Ubuntu). Device for is approved, but every time I click Connect, I get the following message:

    Error “USB device connection” Ralink USB completed as a device “.

    I am using VMware Workstation 7 Win7 on 64-bit. I don’t know what to do, I am really lost … HELP SOMEONE please! Thanks !

    The excellent removable disk Imation is available (and readable) in WinXP before starting Workstation. It can be thought of as an E: drive and the material is readable (only one PDF file). The device is also available for recording.

    (The following scenario takes place both when the automatic connection is selected, and when the connection is disconnected, i.e., a manual connection)

    The USB device (“Imation Removable Disk”) is displayed by VM-> Removable in the device menu list as well as in the status bar. The menu function “Connect (Disconnect from Host)” appears in the fully removable submenu of Imation Disk.

    When “Connect” is selected from the “My Computer” menu (click on the keyboard), a pop-up window appears in the notification area of ​​the WinXP (primary operating system) taskbar, promptingby:

    “You can now safely remove the corresponding USB storage device.”

    and immediately after this bubble disappears, another information bubble will appear in the notification about a specific area of ​​the taskbar in WinXP (the main operating system):

    “New hardware found. There was a problem installing the hardware. The device may not work properly. ”

    After about two minutes, the following bubble will appear in the status bar area of ​​the workstation windows showing Ubuntu 9.10 (guest operating system):

    “Failed to connect to Imation flash drive. VMWare USB arbiter returned error code 4 “

    However, after these connection attempts (as described above), the Imation removable drive may not be available in either the guest operating system or the host operating system:

    * In WinXP, the device is usually NOT displayed in the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box.

    – The device is nowhere available for price in Ubuntu.

    This means that any attempt (manually or automatically) to connect the Imation removable drive to the guest operation The home system will disconnect the device from the host operating system, but if the guest operating system fails to connect, the device will NOT be returned. to the host operating system (reconnected). However, if each Imation removable disk is removed from the USB port and then reinserted into it, the Imation removable disk is connected to the host operating system (WinXP) but can be read again. This way of thinking is normal and is usually noted here only to confirm the operating condition of the device.

    I got the document I wanted and entered “USB arbiter 4 program error code” into vmware search engine, which returned no results.


    vmware usb error code 4

    Sorry, I had to ask you to enable USB debugging (for example) before creating the vmware.log.

    Oh, okay. I have now enabled USB debugging and restarted Fusion. Since I had to restart Fusion, of course the problem went away. But it will be back soon, so I will try to plug in the USB device every few hours and fixlog when it boots up and crashes.

    Also, the log says that only the Bluetooth adapter is connected, not our printer, right?

    Yes, that may be true. I am doing work and this printer is at home so I could not try to connect it. But connecting the bluetooth adapter results in the same error rate (if it fails, it crashes for any USB device), so I guess it doesn’t matter which USB device I connect to create Firelogs on error.

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