FIX: Visual Studio 2010 Prerequisites Error 1304

Updated: ASR Pro

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    These troubleshooting tips are worth reading if you’re getting error code 1304 for Visual Studio 2010 on your computer.

    When installing x64-specific components for Visual Studio 2010 (on some computers running Windows R2 2008).

    Visual Studio 10 installation required

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    Many subscribers around the world are experiencing an increasing number of issues and errors when trying to apply the new version of Visual Studio (including Express Editions). There are many common mistakes that are familiar to everyone. I was It took me about 3 days to unsuccessfully install the software, perfect until I found various “cheats” to get it to work on my computer. I don’t mind referring to it, maybe you have super fast hardware or something. so… it’s anything but software conflicts.

    visual studio 2010 prerequisites error 1304

    One thing is certain. Pay attention to the following:
    Microsoft Visual Studio installation fails on 64-bit computers. Period.

    visual studio 2010 prerequisites error 1304

    First problem: Failed to install prerequisites, huge installation process fails. If you try to installIf you manually install the prerequisites, you may get the following: Error 1304 Error writing to the mfcmifc80:.dll file. Make sure you have public access to this directory. (Image: Visual Studio 2010 Forutsattningar Fel 1304
    Visual Studio 2010 ์ „์ œ ์กฐ๊ฑด ์˜ค๋ฅ˜ 1304
    Errore Dei Prerequisiti Di Visual Studio 2010 1304
    Visual Studio 2010 Vereisten Fout 1304
    Visual Studio 2010 Prerequis Erreur 1304
    Visual Studio 2010 Blad Wymagan Wstepnych 1304
    Oshibka 1304 Predposylok Visual Studio 2010
    Erro De Pre Requisitos Do Visual Studio 2010 1304
    Visual Studio 2010 Requisitos Previos Error 1304
    Visual Studio 2010 Voraussetzungen Fehler 1304