Troubleshooting Veritas Netbackup Error 23

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    Occasionally, your system may display an error code indicating Veritas Netbackup Error 23. This issue can have several causes. Summary: STATUS CODE: 23 “Failed to read socket” occurs whenever you try to perform a user-guided copy or restore. Troubleshooting: This behavior can be observed if there is a delay in the TV connection between the client and the main server at that moment.

    Summary: Schedule backups of installed clients failed with status code 23 NetBackup (unable to recognize socket). A

    Use bpclntcmd and check the connection between the board master and the client. In particular, make sure you have bpclntcmd -pn command.

    Important commands can be run to read hostname requests back and forth on Windows and Unix

    when commands can be used to test the alias of the short name followed by the full long name

    The following command can very well be used to test a systemic reverse IP lookup.

    These commands must also be executed by the primary host server and the media server that manages the backup. Overall results shouldWe show the correct hostname and therefore the IP address of the host.

    The commands used can be executed for forward and backward lookups of a hostname in UNIX.

    The following instructions can be used to verify this alias and the fully qualified system name.

    # / usr / openv / netbackup / bin / bpclntcmd – hn

    The following command can be used very well to test system reverse IP lookup.

    These commands must be run by the server wizard and, in addition, by the media server that is running the backup. The results should show each of our correct hostnames and IP addresses for the host.

    Permission: Problem
    This is undoubtedly caused by incomplete responses to name resolution in hosts and / or DNS file. Make sure the debtor’s name and IP address are already the same as the IP address of the main server. host directory, master server name and person’s IP address hosts file. A

    If your organization hasn’t already done so, I suggest the steps outlined in this valuable article:

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    Hello I have a number of issues related to an issue caused by a client. Hope you can help.
    I am using a Windows 2003 x64 Jogger 6.5.6 server and two Hat Red Unix clients (2.6.18-164.el5) – there will be many more clients, but these two can be created at the same time and should also be identical.

    Scheduled server backup works for both regular clients. However, bpbackup doesn’t work on the client:

    [root @ xxxxx bin] #. / bpbackup -w / etc / group
    EXIT STATE 23: Failed to read socket

    Also, in the buyer’s properties in the admin console, only version 6.5 is displayed. I have 6.5.6 permanently installed on this client. I have already reinstalled the client from scratch and still got the same result.


    I would like to add that the experts claim that the client is the notorious virtual box on esx 4.0

    veritas netbackup error 23

    [quote] Hello, I have other issues with client initiated duplicate. Hope you can help.
    I am running into an Excel Att 6.5.6 Windows 2003 x64 server and two Hat Red Unix clients (2.6.18-164.el5) – there will be a lot more clients, but these two will almost look a lot like building in one go. [/ Quote]

    Does your company have a firewall between the news server and the client that might cause the client to time out?

    veritas netbackup error 23

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    Hello, I am having problems with a visitor to the page that triggered the backup. Hope it has the potential to help you.
    I have a Windows 2002 x64 6.5.6 master server and a second Hat Red Linux client (2.6.18-164.el5) – there are many more clients,conversely, these two were created at the same time and should be nearly identical / p>

    Server backups are scheduled for the desktop on both clients. However, bpbackup doesn’t work for someone:

    [root At <> xxxxx bin] # ./bpbackup -w / etc / group EXIT STATUS 23: Detailed socket read error

    Also, client properties are only displayed in show.5 in the v6 admin console. I have no doubt installed 6.5.6 on this client. I even reinstalled the client from scratch and got the same amazing result so far.

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    It looks like there was a problem opening the dialog From client to NetBackup server.

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    On client and main / media banks (I’m assuming you are using traditional “vnetd”, port 13724, method and FQDN): [list = 1] [*] Test reverse and DNS for both machine and client … If more than one IP address exists, NBU will adjust the configuration. I tell the members of the company to use lowercase DNS identifiers, although otherwise they have to do their job. [*] Check firewall exceptions for connections to and from [/ list] Restart the NetBackup Client service. Since this is Windows, make sure 6.5.6 is actually installed when you restart your computer. But I suspect that the connection to the NetBackup servers on loan 13724 will fail until you correct the problem.

    Doing these steps correctly worked for me, but an extra step for me would be to help you enable NetBackup logging to see exactly where the problem is, even if the login / failure checks are unwanted.

    On Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 9:05 am Andy Braithwaite wrote backupcentral. ([Email] netbackup-forum com [/ email])>:
    [quote] Hello, I am having problems with engraving a client. Hope someone can help.
    I have a Windows 2004 x64 6.5.6 master server and two Hat Green Linux clients (2.6.18-164.el5) – there are many more clients, but both have been created at the same time for some time and should be at least the same. p>

    Scheduled server backups run on their clients. However, for the client, bpbackup doesn’t work:

    [root at <> xxxxx bin] # . -w / bpbackup / etc / group
    OUTPUT STATE 23: Failed to read connector

    In addition, only version 6.5 is displayed in the client properties in the administrative console, as far as possible. I have permanently installed 6.5.6 on this advisory client. I even installed the responder from scratch and bought the same result anyway.

    [/ Quote]

    Thanks for the answers Len and Wayne, I corrected!

    I went through a few things before doing a reverse lookup from the main host server to the client – what a mistake.
    So, I checked the DNS and no doubt found that this reverse pointer entry is ver Obviously absent.
    I still don’t know how it happened, now I added it, everything is fine 🙂

    If I could now know exactly why Windows 6 disabled my graphics card …

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