Fix Usb_bulk_write Issue Without Error N900

In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can cause usb_bulk_write without error n900, and then I will suggest some possible solutions that you can try to resolve this issue.

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    • Make sure your battery is found guilty (completely)! Blinking will fail if the battery level is too low and the battery is charged, not when your system may not boot properly. The dead end can be found on your own, the flashing time does not pass due to the fact that the battery is discharged during the flashing! If your device does not switch to power-on mode (NOKIA + USB symbol on screen) while you hold down the “U” key while connecting it to the charger / PC, the battery is low. If your device does not boot into the proper system, you constantly have to look for a way to charge the external battery – a full boot cycle or stuck boot process will not charge Duracell! Therefore, it is best to fully charge your own battery before attempting to flash your device directly.
    • If you get an “Authorization denied” message and an error message, you have access to Linux, but
       chmod + x flasher-2.0 


       chmod + x flasher - 3.0 

      or really

       chmod + x flasher-3.5 

      to make a specific toolt for firmware currently executable. You may also need root privileges, run the command under sudo or su root. (Hint: If your Flash only reaches 19% and then generates an “Authorization Denied” message, consider the “global” version of the envision file, the US version would create this problem.)

    • If you need to flash Nokia 770 with a 2005 photo, use an old flasher called “flasher”, which has no number in its name.
    • If you get the error “Error requesting USB Town: device or resource busy”, make sure you are starting the flash with sudo. If that doesn’t fix the problem, root like rush
       modprobe -r cdc_phonet 
    • If flashing stops at “Failed to write after 1048576 bytes usb_bulk_write: resource temporarily unavailable”, do not disconnect the N900 from USB and try again using the flasher command.
    • If someone is unable to connect to the N900 or have other problems starting or ending the flashing course, follow these steps to prevent errors from the full flashing procedure after the more rigid form: (Use a Linux machine for pro vivki! Windows is surprisingly not supported by the community for obvious reasons.)
      1. blacklist cdc_phonet “blacklist (echo cdc_phonet”> /etc/modprobe.d/00-blacklist-cdcphonet.conf)! Run modprobe -r cdc_phonet. If NO error, remove the component to be removed -> defective.
      2. (give it a try) Turn off the device – if you hold it down, the power button is the best way for many> 8 (except for next point 2) to use it.
      3. Remove the battery – even if someone couldn’t stop the technology in 2.Flasher.
      4. start with the mentioned flash command (without -R it is unnecessary convenience). He says, “No matching device found … pending.”
      5. Connect your device to your computer with a good USB cable.
      6. Insert the battery but keep the u key pressed. You can unfold the dongle as soon as the touch screen turns on and the USB logo is displayed. The flashing should start automatically. (If the blinker responds “Unable to list USB buses!” Once the N900 is sure it is receiving battery power, do the same blinking command again – cursor up helps ;-D).If Flasher does not recognize the device, canceling Ctrl + C and retyping a command like Flasher can help.
      7. Verify that the turn signal analysis outputs are correct as indicated by the icon. When the firmware is finished, variant -> (2.) 3.)
      8. Repeat the same process ((1.b modprobe) 2. – 7. TURN ON clean battery!) eMMC flashes and again requires eMMC rootfs rootfs sequence). So far this task has always worked, your pc team has no problem. Many problems on the PC side – especially “endlessly waiting” / “can’t find N900” – are resolved * just before * flashing with the help of the system.
      9. After flashing the device from a PC before the first boot. The first launch may take several minutes, during which time the screen may go blank. You are going to try out the lock slide switch, but during your first workout, do not turn off the device until this is done, that is, do not touch the switch button. Turn on the power after blinking if you are * not sure * * that the device has never turned on. Usually the device turns off when it is dragged to the PC in firmware mode. This can be clearly seen Due to the fact that the white LED is out of order, not even a dark backlight, and the device does not respond to the latest kbd-open and lock. Run it on battery power using an alternate power source. Only then does it make sense to connect a specific wall charger. Make sure the device is charging and the battery is charging while you do this. Once the battery is fully charged, shutting down the N900 is probably harmless, but the initial boot setup should be complete.
    • If the simulator is not recognized after flashing (full SIM symbol with a red stripe next to the battery indicator), of course, make sure you are currently using the correct firmware download (.bin) for your region. If you downloaded a different .bin file from another site, the Sim may not be recognized.

    Blinking, But Still Lonely: “5 White Dots Come And Go”

    • If a corrupted It-Fat32 is found during boot, fsck can fix something, which can take several hours.
    • The system was working with a damaged ~ / .profile file, as well as an incorrect With these commands that interrupt the boot process.

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    Solution can use RescueOS:; which can help you mount rootfs, home (mount / dev / mmcblk0p2 / mnt / free1), and edit files or “do a lot of useful recovery stuff.”


    Services can be connected directly to the device’s USB ports, eliminating the need for a hub that includes the primary USB ports for laptop docking programs. The USB ports on the back of a new laptop may be better than on the front.

    usb_bulk_write no error n900

    In some distributions, the USB device does not appear on the expected display. First, see if you need to “mount” the USB:

     mount -t usbfs usbfs / proc / bus / usb

    If that doesn’t work, try fixing the blinking code. This replaces the use of / proc / bus / usb with the corresponding new filesystem / dev / bus / usb :

     perl -pi -e 's- / proc / bus / usb- / dev / bus / usb  000-;' -i.backup $ FLASHING

    Replace $ FLASHER with the destination of your Linux Flasher 2.0 or Flasher 3.0 binary.

    Missing Symbol Squaresfishing) (strange, But There Are Other Problems

    Missing character squares) (Strange issues and the like are caused by flashing eMMC, not flashing Rootfs afterwards. This has been explained countless times on the main page. You should NOT flash after that. Boot rootfs / COMBINED before flashing eMMC / VANILLA. or flashing rootfs AFTER eMMC (reliable method) (when you turn off the device by taking out each of our batteries and “boot” it by holding the u button and all eMMCs are booted to install too. Your whole family can only fix by flashing the rootfs when you discover that these strange squares are connected instead of symbols.

    usb_bulk_write no error n900

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