I’m Having Trouble Troubleshooting A Skitterwack

Over the past week, some of our readers have encountered a known bug while trying to troubleshoot Skeetervac. This issue occurs due to several factors. Let’s get to know them below.

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    SkeeterVac Bug Fixed

    How do I turn on SkeeterVac?

    Slowly turn the free gas valve to the “OPEN” position. Press and hold the control valve button for 3 minutes. Try using the SkeeterVac light according to the ignition instructions for about 30 seconds until you hear their POP sound indicating ignition.

    Regular Cleaning And Maintenance Of The SkeeterVac

    Caution: All shutdown and maintenance work must be done when the second SkeeterVac has cooled down and the gas charges turned off.
    Caution: DO NOT clean the SkeeterVac parts in a self-cleaning oven. Caution: This SkeeterVac must be cleaned thoroughly. and checked regularly.

    How does the SkeeterVac work?

    SkeeterVac produces its own energy SkeeterVac mosquito cleaners are wireless devices that generate their own energy to attract, capture and kill mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes get close enough to the trap, a powerful fan draws them into the trap where they gather in the insect bowl.

    Before each use:
    *Keep the SkeeterVac area reasonably clean and free of flammable, propane and other flammable vapors and then liquids.
    *Do not obstruct the flow of LPG and ventilation air in general.
    Keep your propane tank vents clean and clear.

  • Check the WaveDrawer and clean it if necessary.
  • Make sure the airway is not blocked.
    1. Turn the valve on the gas bottle to the CLOSED position.
    2. LP

    3. disconnect the gas bottle following the instructions for disconnecting the gas bottle.
    4. Drain the water.

    5. Remove the tank and replace it with a full LPG tank.
    6. Slide the WaveDrawer cover onto the WaveDrawer.
    7. Remove, empty and clean WaveDrawer.
    8. Push WaveDrawer back.
    9. WaveDrawer

    10. Remove cover.
    11. Remove manufactured TacTrap etc. Dispose of properly.
    12. Insert new TacTrap and remove backing paper.
    13. Remove the Finetune cap by turning it counterclockwise.
    14. Remove the old FineTune octenol lure (if needed) and discard. Note. Finetune lure is valid for 35 days.
    15. Remove fresh FineTune lure from the set (if needed). Dispose of the packaging properly.
    16. Insert the Finetune lure back into the holder, working the holes up.
    17. Replace the fine adjustment cap.
    18. Choose the baiting method by adjusting the fine adjustment cap.
    19. Check the motor and fuel lines for signs of damage or checked parts. Correct any problems before starting.
    20. Reconnect the LPG line to the tank by turning the knob clockwise.
    21. Remove the tank cap from an empty LP power tank and place on a full propane tank.
    22. Perform a leak test.
    23. Light according to lighting instructions.
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    troubleshooting skeetervac

    at the end of the mosquito season.

    1. Turn the propane tank valve to the OFF position.
    2. Turn off the gas from the propane tank according to the instructions for shutting off the LPG tank.
    3. li>

    4. Remove the water tank cover.
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