How To Fix LG Optimus F3 Troubleshooting

Updated: ASR Pro

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    In this guide, we are going to uncover some possible causes that might lead to lg optimus f3 troubleshooting and after that, we will offer some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.


    The charging cable may be a functional reason for your phone not charging. To make sure your charger is working, you can try it by connecting it to another phone.device

    If it still won’t charge, you can clean the port by blowing dust out of the first port. Sometimes dust and/or dirt reduce the charge.

    If changing the payment cable or cleaning the port can help you charge your device, you can recharge the charge/data port by replacing a second part of the motherboard. You can all check device Href=”/Guide/LG+Optimus+F3+Charging+port+unit++Replacement/53428″>LG here

    If the sound from the headphones does not come out normally, you must first make sure that the headphones are working. Try this on a different device, headphones are usually suitable for any type of device. If the sound is not completely the headset returns, worn out and you need a new one.

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    Sometimes the firmware of an electronic device affects performance, so you may need to update the softwaresoftware on your device to the latest version.

    If all else fails and you need to remove and replace the headphone jack, you can check out our Depannage Lg Optimus F3
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