How To Fix Powerline Problems TP Link Utility Has Stopped Working

In some cases, your system may generate an error code indicating that the powerline tp link utility has stopped working. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Updated: ASR Pro

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    How do I use TP-Link utility?

    2 Double-click the tpPLC icon to open the utility. 3 Just connect your computer to an Ethernet cable or simply to a Powerline device. The utility will then show customers the Powerline network with the Powerline device status below in addition to the Remote Powerline devices above.

    TP-Link utility on Windows 10 has stopped working in many places over the past few days. Instead of this “map” from Powerline and Extender, I just get the following:

    When hovering over the middle image, the problem becomes interactiveMy, but when I press, nothing happens.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the reboots (here in between) but to no avail. Didn’t update any windows if last worked.

    @ JabeSmith It’s the same here, I reinstalled the utility and it seems to work again when you can tell that the whole application is regularly malfunctioning, is still crashing or my adapters are not showing closely, very bad

    Since I would say the PLC utility has problems with all Windows firmware, please try updating my Powerline utility to the most recent version:

    If you still have problems after doing this, update them here.

    @ JabeSmith You see exactly the same thing here, I’ve reinstalled this utility and it looks like it’s on sale again to work again. Adapt ok, terribly bad

    @ RichardJ5 Slightly different for me – re-installing the app didn’t work.

    How do I access TP-Link Powerline settings?

    Open an appropriate web browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Enter in each address bar at the top of the window to open the administration interface. 3. Enter admin (default username and password) as username and password and click Connect.

    @JabeSmith I have the same problem, it seems to be related to the Flash product lifecycle summary that the app is based on (Jan 12) …. Hopefully TP-Link will suggest an alt rnativu

    For now, you can move the date back to the date before January 12th and the app will launch with a loaded and ugly workaround, but that’s all I get

    @ Roisch Oh my God, you are just that. I just manually set the date to January 11th to get the utility working again.

    tp link powerline utility stopped working

    But since I need the partner to be right on my phone, not even a workaround.

    It is annoying that this Flash-friendly end of life is known to age groups, so TP-Link has plenty of time to get an alternative ready.

    @ JabeSmith This is because Microsoft stopped advertising Flash 12 in January. TP-Link support agent advised me to leave here in order to get the utility version in 2020. Be sure to select None for country deviation. Don’t worry, the side is really not for your model, the energy is the same.

    tp link powerline utility stopped working

    @kranix Thanks, but the version works exactly the same. So I need to be postponed so that TP-Link can offer you a working version after the firmware.

    I downloaded the full 2020 version, but I usually list this particular fake device in the console Like TL-PA8030P and TL-PA8010P, but registered as 7541 and 7741.

    TP-Link needs to be updated and the mobile app also does not support 8033P or 8010P.

    Cranix wrote

    How do I fix my TP-Link Powerline?

    Locate the reset switch on the powerline adapter.Using a paper clip, press the reset button for at least ten seconds until the lights come on.Wait for the LEDs on these adapters to stop blinking.(Optional) Reinstall the power supplies.

    @ JabeSmith this is because Microsoft ended support for Flash on Jan 12th. TP-Link support agent advised me to go here to get the 2020 version of the utility. Just select “No” for country hijacking. Don’t worry, the page is definitely not for your model, the app is the same.

    It worked for me. Yes, not all shortcuts are valid, but that works too.

    No less interesting than the meaning of the utility is “Operating system: Win2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / Mac / Linux”. I guess this is out of place because it’s just a Windows EXE file.

    I downloaded your 2020 version and set my PC clock to 11th January internet access) or let someone manually add it.

    This is almost certainly a really bad show put up by TP Link as I know full well that they can rely on a utility to manage these people’s network performance if they go offline.

    @sfarkas I agree with yours Tip – TP-Link should provide a downloaded solution.

    In case of instability, check out this post and a number of answers:

    I had a lot of issues with these WPA4220 Powerline adapters and extenders causing them to also reset all indicators on traction units which still worked fine. Do I need to restart it manually at random throughout the day?

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    Hint. (after TP-Link was admittedly the most advanced firmware was unreliable), it was installing the exact version of the previous firmware that significantly solved all my stability problems.

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