How To Troubleshoot Static Data Transformations Not Detected When Using Data

Updated: ASR Pro

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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    Hope this blog post helps you if you find that no Stata transform was found using the data.

    Note: On April 23rd of this year, statalist switched from an email policy to a forum based on

     You don't say exactly what you want from these -forming-,I want you to be on the craziest account... Convert value to large, i (company name year) j (datatype_code) put, stringOtherwise, your format may confuse existing and desired data.Composition.pseudoTue 07.19.2011 until 22:33, Leandro Brufman wrote:> I noticed a few additional errors indicating an update.> Regardless, I have not been able to design this tweak to make it work. You can see the code below> with a concession to.> I describe sequentially how the recording is done, showing which variables are identifiers,> try this (and get an error), check your account and> Request an update  ie.>> Does anyone have any help?> Thanks in advance ...> *****************************************>>. describe>> Contains data>   obs: 1,692,572>   vars:         10> Size: 340 206972 (75.0% based on free space)> ------------------------------------------------- - ------------------------------------------------- - ----------------> Display memory value> Variable name   Type   Format       Label     Variable label> ------------------------------------------------- - ------------------------------------------------- - ----------------> Company name str20% 20s> Int year% 9.0g> Enter   str6  % 9s  >   wc06035 str9% 9s WC06035> wc06001 str65% 65s WC06001> wc06026 str15% 15s WC06026> Generalindust ~ o str4  % 9s                 GENERAL INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION> company_4merge str65% 65s> Long value% 10.0 g> datatype_code str7% 9s> ------------------------------------------------- - ------------------------------------------------- - ----------------> Sort by:   company name> Note: the dataset has progressed since the last record.>>. isid CompanyName Year>> Data type code. Conversion value far, i (company_name, datatype_code, year) j (datatype_code) string> (Note: n = WC01001 WC01051 WC01100 WC01151 wc01101 WC01249 WC01250> WC01551 WC01651 WC01706 WC02001 WC02051 WC02101>> WC02201 WC02501 WC02999 WC03040 WC03051 WC03101 WC03251 WC03351 WC03501 WC03999 WC04148 WC04201 WC04251 WC04551 W>> C04601 WC04860 WC08001 WC18191 WC18198)> Subject to change datatype_code not found when using data> g (111);>>. execution> Version 10.1>>. Update request> (Contact>> Executable static data file> Folder: G:  stata10se n> File name: wsestata.exe> Installed: June 10, 2010> Available no later than June 10, 2010>> File updates for teens> Folder: g:  stata10se  ado  updates n>   Filenames:     (different)> Installed: June 10, 2010> Available no later than June 10, 2010>> Utility Updates> Folder: G:  stata10se  utilities>   Filenames:   (different)>     Currently posted in:   August 18, 2009> Last available: 18 Aug 2009>> Comment> New Stata 11 press release available.>     New Features in Stata 11 PDF: Manuals, Multiple Imputation, GMM, Factor>     Variables, Parallel Dimensions, State Space Models, Multidimensional GARCH,>   Variable Manager, New Data Editor for more information.>   More information is available in your internet browser   at>>> Recommendation> Do nothing; All files have been updated.>** Help with Internet searches And try:***

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    Improve your computer's performance by clicking here to download the software.

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