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    Over the past week, some of our readers have reported encountering a servlet dopost thread.

    servlet dopost thread

    I’m building, using web applications, a JAVE library available on the internet (

  • User fills out a form
  • download his video
  • video will be converted from all servers
  • video user
  • The location of the load is a JSP page with an assembly, a download progress bar (created with and a progress bar generated in JS that fires the ajax request available at progress servlet (once the download is complete). The Move servlet takes an encoderListener la from the HttpSession which specifies the encoding progress value % of our.GotI’m having trouble with the conversion task because it then blocks the method that doPost uses on that form-handling servlet. This way, the user never receives a response that allows the JS snippet associated with progress, indicators to fire a full ajax poll. I was thinking about creating a reliable thread so that the doPost method returns while the transformation is in progress and the JS script tracks this through the ProgressServlet. MyselfMy big problem now is that I can no longer send an exception message to the carrier. What am I to do?Here is the code:

    Some class converter just executes the enc.encode(…) method in a full try/catch loop.

    protected doPost (empty HttpServletRequest, Httpservletresponse response) throws ServletException, IOException    // Automatically generated procedure TODO Stub    part part corresponds to Request to. getpart("filename");   InStream = input stream part.getInputStream();   The string fileName = part.getSubmittedFileName();     // download path   File = upload new file (System.getProperty("user.home")+System.getProperty("file.separator"));    file file = new file(downloads, filename);   OutputStream outStream is a new FileOutputStream(file);   byte[] stream = new byte[8 5 . 1024];   Bytes read;    ((bytesRead while means != -1)        outStream.write bytesread); (buffer,    outgoing stream. close();   PrintWriter = Writer response.getWriter();    response.setContentType("text/html");    Writer.println("Uploaded file");    AudioAttribute = audio new AudioAttributes();    VideoAttributes video = brand new VideoAttributes();    EncodingAttributes attrs = new EncodingAttributes();    = encoder new encoder();    EncoderListener elist = newly acquired EncoderListener();    Set HttpSession = request.getSession();    session.setAttribute("listener", list);   file ambitions = File(System new.getProperty("user.home")+System.getProperty("file.separator"), request.getParameter("outFile"));    attrs.setFormat(request.getParameter("formats"));    setAttributes(request, video); audio, Attributes .setVideoAttributes(video);    attrs.setAudioAttributes(audio);    // long running task    Converter conv = new converter (file, target, enc, elist, attrs);  Thread t = newer thread (conv);    t.start();

    This is a special code snippet that controls the loading indicator and the conversion progress bar.

    empty protected doGet(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException    TODO // Automatically generated stub method    Session Request = httpssession.getSession();    response.set contenttype("text/html");   EncoderListener elist = (EncoderListener)session.getAttribute("listener");    response.getWriter().println(elist.getProgress());

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    servlet dopost thread

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