Troubleshoot And Troubleshoot Scanning Using The Print Server

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    Over the past week, some users have reported to us that they are having problems scanning on the print server.

    Apparently, the printer is pretty “dumb”, the site also does not support FTP, just “Scan with HP Scanning Software (Windows)”. Perhaps you could install its software on your server and then put the “HP Scan” shortcut on the share (mentioned in my answer). Then your users can even launch that application from there, grab their document and drag and drop it onto their computer relative to that share. This is the only thing that comes to my mind, it might work, or it might not work. Equation

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    scanning using a print server

    – Goblin


    several of our multifunction printers (for printing and scanning) from different manufacturers.If this new printer arrives at a fancy office or if the printer passes by, I mustany machine, install the drivers and erase the old printer. Everything seemsPrinters connected to the network are not available on all PCs.inkjet printersThey are used by different users.

    We have WindowsServer Currently used in 2016 for file sharing. With this scan we can add an impressionServices are compared to an existing server to set up a print server. Buying canI download this one and install the club on the server. And then you’re in luck with User Connectto the server – print the printer.

    If there isAre there tutorials or documentation only helpful?

    How do I scan from a print server?

    1 answer. On your server: create a shared folder – the place where your wonderful printer will send its scans. Create a scan-only user account, name it โ€œScanUserโ€ and give it FULL permission for your updated shared folder.

    AlsoAre there any important issues I should be aware of when I go to the print server?

    I have two printers, a real Lexmark laser printer and a Canon color printer / scanner. Both are connected to my print server via USB. They are configured in internal print management and as generic PS1 Lexmark and PS1 Canon .

    If client computers use a Canon printer through the print site, they will not see the printer decryption function. If these volumesIf you connect to Canon via Wi-Fi IP (and bypass the print server), they will most likely use the scan functions.

    How do I connect my scanner to my server?

    Go to “Control Panel” and “Network and Sharing Center”. Click Show Computers on the Network as Devices. Right-click the scanner and select Install. After completing this process, the scanner should be available to other computers on the network.

    As far as I can tell, both methods only use the same driver, but I can’t figure out why either method is really limited in functionality.

    How do I scan something on my printer and send it to my computer?

    In Windows, select Start> Scan> Settings> Peripherals> Printers & Scanners. Then select your printer and select Manage> Scanner> Open Disk> Scan. On your Mac, go to Apple menu> System Preferences> Printers & Scanners. Select a print service, then choose Scan> Open Scanner> Scan.

    posted on October 9, 14 at 20:00.


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    The scanning function is possible when a person is directly connected to the printers, but when you distribute print materials on a Windows server, like you do, you have an intermediary to handle the print, and that too. Queue nPlaces actual jobs on the printer. However, these are printer drivers, not additional features in terms of scan options, and even though third party integration software has been installed on this server and runs locally, please be aware that this will not “still receive” scans to to do work. creating such a client is reason enough for a single shared print queue.

    So it really only serves for quality printing, not scanning.

    If your site requires scanning capabilities from visitors’ workstations to a printer, you should at least set up a direct service for them for most of the scanning … either with the scanning product you are using or with Canon Extreme. software, etc.

    answered Oct 20, 2014 at 4:02 pm

    Can I use a print server for a scanner?

    When patient computers use a Canon printer as a print server, they do not track model scan capabilities. If you are connecting to Canon with andBy using the Wi-Fi IP address (to bypass the used server), you can use the scan job.


    You need to open the appropriate ports on the firewall (perhaps enable a send rule).the print server probably only transmits meshes such as 9100, etc., but the scanner ports are never shared.

    answered Oct 14, 14 at 13:55

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