Please Help Fix Outlook 2010 Saving Sent Emails Error

If you notice that sent emails are saved in Outlook 2010, this guide should help you.

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    Open your IMAP account entries via; File->Account Settings->Your Account Settings…click the button: More settings…Select the Sent tab.Activate the “Save objects transferred in the linked server folder to the next” option.Select the folder where you want your website to store sent items.


    After sending a great email using Microsoft Outlook 07 or later, copies of some emails are not saved in the Sent Items folder.


    Outlook’s “Keep Version Messages in Sent Items Folder” feature is disabled. You


    Enable the option to save copies of entire messages in the Sent Items folder by simply following the steps below for your version of Outlook.

    1. Choose File, then Options.

    2. In the Out dialog boxlook options go to Mail.

    3. In the “Save messages” section, I would suggest including the “Save messages copied to items” folder.

    4. How do I save sent items in Outlook 2010?

      Select File, then Options.In the mailbox, select the Outlook Options dialog box.In the Save messages section, enable the Save a copy of messages option in this specific Sent Items folder.Select OK.

      Select OK.

    1. Select Tools > Options. Settings tab

    2. when you select mail options… you

    3. Why are my sent emails not being saved?

      I can’t find the Sent Items folder You may not want to view information from sent email messages unless Outlook is configured to keep copies of sent items. Select Email > Mail > File Options. Scroll down to “Keep messages” and make sure “Keep a copy of messages in the Sent Items folder” is checked.

      Enable the storage of fake messages in the Sent Items folder.

    4. Select OK.

    Additional Information

    The Save Copies folder associated with sent messages in the Items folder can be controlled through an Outlook policy group setting. Depending on your version of Outlook, you can specify the policy setting below. For

  • Forecast for 2007:

    Policy Path: Configuration Templates/Classic User/Office Administrative Templates (adm)/Microsoft Outlook 2007/Tools | Options…sharing /Settings/Messaging options

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  • Forecast for 2010:

    Policy Path: User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Classic Administrative Templates (ADM)/Microsoft Outlook 2010/Outlook Options/Settingsand /Email Options

  • Forecast for 2013:

    Policy Path: User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Outlook 2013/Outlook Options/Settings/Email Options

  • Forecast for 2016:

    Policy Path: User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Outlook 2016/outlook-options/preferences/e-mail-options

    In the Privacy Policy Options dialog box, select Enabled to have the policy currently enabled and select the option “Store backup copies of messages in Items Catalog” (a screenshot of this operation is shown below).

    Registry keys with folder messages “Keep copies of sent items in text folder” personal settings:


    Where matches your Outlook style:

    How do I save sent emails in Outlook Inbox?

    In the corresponding Outlook options window, in the disable list at the top) (secondClick Mail. Scroll down to the message section Save. Currently select the option When you reply to which a message is not in your inbox, animate the reply in the same file. Turn off the option Save replica messages to a folder in Sent Items.

    Outlook 2016, Office outlook for 365, and Outlook 2019 are compatible with version 16.0
    Outlook 2010 2013 = 15.0
    outlook implies version 14.0
    Outlook 2007 = 12. Double 0 value

    Word name: SaveSent
    Value data:

    0 = off Included; Sent emails should not be stored in the Sent Items folder.
    1 included; = Sent emails are usually saved in the “Items” folder of the “Sent Items” folder. by

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  • Applies to:
    Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Microsoft 2010, Outlook Microsoft Office Outlook 3 years, Outlook for Office 365
  • As you know, email messages are likely to be automatically saved in the Sent Items directory. But here we have a few tricks on how to change the default folders for all sent items and easily move sent emails to alternative files in Microsoft Outlook.

    Change the file where the sent items are while creating < /p>

    Edit the file that automatically saves all submissions

    Turn on the Office tab. Edit overview and tabs in Office to make your work easier. .For

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    < hr>

    folder, Edit where sent items are saved and normal composing

    save sent emails in outlook 2010

    When composing an email note, you can define an alternative file in which the sent email can be sent after saving.

    step In the Advanced Options group on the « tab Options” of the “Message” window “Save click sent” > in another folder.

    Step 2. In the current “Select a folder” dialog box, select the folder and simply select it in the ” Folder”: and click the “Like” button ok.

    After you send this email, a single copy is kept to help you in the folder you chose in step I 2, would say automatically.

    Youchange and define the folder where all sent messages are automatically saved

    In some cases, you may You need to change the default Sent folder and automatically save all transported email messages to the actual folder you specify. We’ll help everyone do this by adding a rule to Outlook.

    Before you can send a rule, you must access the email selection view,Click Email in the navigation pane.

    < p>Step 1, open the : Rules and Alerts dialog box.

    1. In Outlook 2010 and 2013, click Rules > Manage Rules and Alerts. alerts in the Home page group when moving.”
    2. In Outlook, select Rule Tools 2007 > Alerts and.

    Where does Outlook save sent emails?

    Sent messages from all your accounts are stored in the Sent Items folder by default in Outlook. When you create an Exchange account in your Outlook profile, the Sent Items folder is located in your Exchange mailbox by default.

    Step 2: In the dialog box “Notifications and Rules” click Rule “New. in the “Mail Rules” dialog box.

    Step 3. In the “Rules Wizard” dialog box, select the “Apply rule to messages sent” option and check “Start empty with policy” . section and click Next.

    < p>Step 4: New rules for /p> helpers are formulated on Tuesday<
    save sent emails in outlook 2010

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