The Best Way To Fix S2 Is To Get Error E18

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    Sometimes your computer may give a message stating that s2 is an e18 error. This error can be caused by a variety of reasons. Error E18 is an error message reported on Canon digital cameras. The E18 error occurs when the zoom lens is zoomed out slightly with the correct stretch or recoil program. The error has become notorious among Canon users, as it can completely disable this particular camera, which will require expensive repairs.

    I know the answer to this question 🙂 so I will post information here in addition to hoping that someone will find someone to use it … E18

    An error code displayed on the LCD monitor indicates that the zoom lens is otherwise locked when you try to extend the zoom lens. This problem is common with several Canon compact digital camera models.

    More information on this software error and a list of many affected cameras can be found at this website: www.e18error.com

    s2 is e18 error

    A possible cause of a particular malfunction is that something is blocking the new small gear, which is pushing sand out of the zoom lens (dirt, etc.). It is quite possibleIt is possible that you can correct this error by disassembling the main camera and removing anything that is interfering with the operation of the lens or lens hardware. Sending your camera out for a professional refurbishment is likely to cost you more because buying a new camera is well worth it.

    Some Canon digital cameras I’ve seen are built in a similar way and luckily they use screws to hold the body together and allow it to be disassembled.

    here on ifixit.com disassembly I posted S2 Est Une Erreur E18
    S2 Es Un Error E18
    S2 Ar E18 Fel
    S2는 E18 오류입니다
    S2 Oshibka E18
    S2 E Erro E18
    S2 To Blad E18
    S2 E L Errore E18
    S2 Ist E18 Fehler