The Easiest Way To Fix Rear USB Ports Stopped Working

Recently, some users have reported that the rear USB ports have stopped working.

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    Check for broken or loose internal contacts. of One way to check this is to plug in the USB device and then gently wiggle the connection. If it connects and disconnects for a short time, it’s just a physical problem with the USB port or cable.

    How do I reset my USB ports?

    Physically inspect the USB ports.Restart your computer.Check your power management settings.Reset the ports by disabling usb again and enabling our usb controller.Reset USB ports now with Windows troubleshooter.

    Windows is the only program that works that you might regret upgrading. Windows 10 has always had cool new features because it has always had bugs and related problems.

    Some users have reported that their USB ports stopped working after starting Windows 10, which is a big disappointment for many people. USB ports are somewhat important as they allow you to connect most devices and devices to your computer and are often the most used port on any PC.

    If you are experiencing the same issue after upgrading to Windows 10, if or if youIf you are an existing user but your USB ports are not working properly, this guide will help you fix your USB ports so someone can reuse them.

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    Note: – If your mouse is a keyboard or works, you can use tabs to make navigation easier, and use the keyboard’s right-click element to perform any type of right-click for the provided methods. 1:

    Search For Custom Changes

    1. Press the Windows R + keys on your keyboard to open Trab. Enter devmgmt. And msc press enter on keyboard.2 disable

    Solution, Enable Controller And USB

    rear usb ports stopped working

    1. On your keyboard, press the Windows + R keys at the same time to open Starter. Enter devmgmt. And msc press enter on your keyboard.

    3. Right-click on the first USB drive and select Disable on device.

    4. Now again right click on the controller so USB and that make sure this device is selected.

    Please note: if there is no other way to enable or disable the device, switch to the USB controllerin each of our lists from there.

    5. You keep disabling and then enabling devices for all USB remotes in the list.

    Note: – If you are probably not using a mouse due to a USB problem, use the TAB key to navigate and the list right mouse button to right click.

    Below is a very nice image of a typical right click on a keyboard.

    Solution – 3: Disable USB Selective Suspend

    1. Press the Windows Tip + R key and create a race together.

    2. Now copy and paste the information click below and enter.

    Why would USB ports stop working?

    USB device stops responding due to selective suspend factor failure. Selective Suspend usually puts the USB device into suspend mode for efficient powersaving by allowing the computer to turn off the USB device. However, this feature sometimes does not properly wake up the USB device.

    control.exe powercfg.cpl,3

    Solution 4: Disable Power Management For USB Ports

    Why are my back USB ports not working?

    restart update and/or It’s entirely possible that all your primary USB port needs is a useful reboot. Sometimes a congenital error can prevent components from displaying properly, and a restore gives the computer a chance to assist in the restoration. Windows In, click Start menu > Power button > Restart.

    Specifically on desktops, Windows currently powers down USB controllers when not in use and powers them back up when I really need them for work. Sometimes, directly due to a bug, your flight system may turn on the USB controllers, resulting in the USB ports not working.

    You can disable disk management so that Windows does not disable USB controllers. For this withdo the following:

    rear usb ports stopped working

    STEP like 1 – right-click “Important Windows” and select “From Device Manager”.

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    STEP 2.Open the Device Manager window and locate the Universal Serial Bus controllers.

    Step 3: Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers and USB Root Hub folder (there may be one or more).

    STEP 2-3. Double click on it to open the properties of the USB Root Hub. Click the “Power Admin” tab, uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device for protection and power” click “OK”.

    How do I enable my USB ports back?

    Click “start” and “type device manager” or “devmgmt.Click Serial “Universal Controller” to see a list of USB ports on your computer.Right-click each USB port, then click Enable. If this doesn’t permanently re-enable the USB ports, right-click each one and choose Uninstall.

    Repeat this 3.For some USB Root Hubs in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers menu.

    Recommendations – Enable Disabling All USB Controllers

    1. To run together, press the Windows key + R.

    4.When checking, a disabled USB cable driver was indicated.

    5. If there is, just right-click and activate selection.

    You can just right-click and see if there is an enable option somewhere, regardlessit doesn’t matter if we clicked on it.

    Solution 6: Install A USB Controller

    NEW STEP. 1 Right-click the Control button in Windows and select Device Manager.

    Solutions Manager – 4 Uses

    1 device. Press the Windows Basic key + R key to co-launch.

    4. Now right-click a specific person in the list and install the update driver.

    6. Click “Me” if you want to allow me to select one of the drivers on my computer from the list of available drivers.

    7. Now, if there are several items in this list, select the first body from the top and click “Next”. If there is at least one, select it and just click “Next”.

    Solution 11: Disable Fast Launch

    1. Simultaneously press the Windows key + the r key to open the contents of your entire notebook.

    4. A new window will open under “System name settings”. Click “Edit” for currently unavailable settings.

    Solution 9: Make Sure The USB Device Is Correct

    Sometimes, it works first for simple things, your USB devices is faulty and you notice an error in your computer. There was a very small chance that new ports on a computer would stop working, regardless of whether they were all working properly before. The first thing you should do before you start any serious troubleshooting is to check if the device is yours or not.< /p>

    You can connect a USB device through any other computer and check if it works or not. You can also check your ports, including any other USB device supported by your PC. If you don’t have another USB device, you can also check it by inserting your phone number.

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