Debug Ps3 No Sound? Repair Immediately

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    If you haven’t noticed any sound when troubleshooting ps3, this blog post should help. Select Settings> Sound Settings.Select Audio Output Settings.Select this input jack on your audio device.Input connections on TV and / or amplifier or AV receiver.Choose the final audio formats.Select all output formats that are almost always supported by the audio device you are using.


    Why is my PlayStation not playing audio?

    Sound problems can occur due to poor connection between PS4 and display. For your PS4 to function properly, you need to make sure all of your mobile devices are properly connected. 1) Turn off PS4 and show screen. 2) Disconnect the HDMI cable and then the power cord.

    After some research, I found this:

    How do I get the sound to work on my PS3?

    Select (Settings)> (Sound Settings). Select [Sound Output Settings]. Select the input connector on your audio device. The channel numbers and then the supported audio formats are improved depending on the connector used.

    From the main menu of your current PS3:

    • 1. Settings-> Sound output settings-> Sound settings.
    • 2. It ranges from HDMI to digital output (optical). I have NO visual dependencies on my PS3, so once you plug it in, you might want to unhook it … it doesn’t matter.
    • 3. I move on to what is โ€œLinear by default: PCM is just Ch. 44.1 and kHz โ€48 kHz. was
    • 4. Just on the D-Mat (X select / deselect options) to navigate to go to the next screen.
    • 5. On the checkout page, click X to enter and save your changes.
    • 6. Start the game, you shouldn’t hear any sound (as expected).
    • 7. Exit the game, then go to the audio output settings earlier and enable HDMI again. Collected “Automatically” for “Setting the method by product format”.
    • 8. On the World Wide Web confirmation page, press the X to enter and save your changes I.
    • 9. Start a new game, now you must learn the sound along with the game (start over). The problem is most likely caused by moving your PS3 to another large TV for a while.

    ps3 troubleshooting no audio

    Hope I work when you


    Article on the main page

    PS3: Correct Settings

    Why am I not getting sound from my PS3?

    If the PS3 is set for surround sound in the settings, but the device it is connected to does not support surround sound, sounds will not be heard and some or some of the sounds will not play correctly. Go to Sound Settings in Settings. 3. Youselect “Audio Output Settings” and select the type of cable used.

    ps3 troubleshooting no audio

    No sound from PS3

    PlayStation 3 Soft Reset

    No Sound On PS3: A And TV A Restart Control System

    Restoring PS3 Factory Settings

    First of all, you and your family need to check the sound settings on your PS3 and TV:

    • First of all, make sure TV sound is enabled and working. You can check if Kindle sound other than PS3 can play. Otherwise, read on if you are having problems with sound on your TV.
    • The problem is also that if you want to connect other devices directly to the TV via HDMI, you can also fix these audio problems HDMI through our TV.
    • Then check if the strong PS3 settings are correct: change the settings, select Sound & Settings, and set the audio output to HDMI.

    After a short pause, you can adjust the picture and sound settings for your PS3.

    • To keep pressed while shopping, press and hold the PS3 soft button for about 10 seconds, correct until you hear a beep.
    • There is a large window where you can customize the respawn as needed.
    1. Often just restarting your computer, TV and Wii booklet.
    2. You go to the PlayStation menu and you will need to flip the switch to completely cover the back.
    3. Most TVs require someone to turn off the device using a button on the control panel for the device to turn off completely. Also, turn off the power of the TV so that the power practically turns off.
    4. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV and console and wait a few minutes.
    5. Turn on to restart the TV.
    6. Then reconnect HDMI cable and turn on your PS3.
    7. To select the AV button on your TV, check the HDMI source and sound again.

    As a permanent solution, you can factory reset your PS3.

    Updated: Restoro

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    So, I got home from work this afternoon and the kids were betting on the PS3 using Lego Harry Potter. They were very happy when our family showed one of the levels. When they started showing my routine, I immediately noticed that there seemed to be no sound. At first I thought that they were simply denying the amount. I asked the kids to turn up the volume so I could hear it, and Travis said, โ€œOh, the sound doesn’t work. But it’s okay, we are used to helping you with this. “

    I asked him to save the game and return the controller to my vision. The result was my cell phone with Google capabilities. There have been many reviews of how members of the community have completely reliably solved this problem on PS3 by playing online casino games. In my case, I am connecting HDMI from the PS3 cable directly to the TV. I know there is no more HDMI input problem on TV as video and audio work before Blu-ray playback just like on PS3. It is also a mustFixes the HDMI cable problem for youth. The only thing left is the PS3 itself. The choices in the menu were audible, but there was simply no sound, like in the game. I tried to play around with audio settings that involve manually using HDMI for audio output, as few have suggested on the internet. No cubes. I finally found a post that is deeply rooted in the content forum. Here’s what I finally did to fix my PS3:

    • With the PS3 turned off, press and hold the power button.
    • After the first beep, move forward while holding down the on / off button.
    • Anchor until you hear each beep for one second, then release.
    • Press and hold the power button until users hear 3 short beeps again, then release.
    • Then press again, for example until you hear 3 short beeps, then release.

    This will cause the PS3 to automatically detect the HDMI cable and ask someone if you want to use it for both video-audio and video-audio. Clicked on bothx hours and now the sound works everywhere, including in games. Note: The 3 beeps are usually close to each other. Here is a video of part of the process:

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