Solutions For Print Spooler Service Stopped Canon Printer Windows 7

Over the past few days, some of our users reported that the print spooler service on Canon Windows 7 printers has stopped.

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    On your keyboard, customize the Windows logo key and R at the same time to create a Run box.Sign in to services. msc and hence press Enter to open the Services window:Click Print Spooler, then click Restart.Check if your printer is working.

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    How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 7?

    Click any start button, enter services.In the Services list, double-click Print Spooler.Click Stop, then click OK.Click the button “Start m Monitoring, enter% WINDIR% system32 spool printers in the Start Search box, press Enter and delete almost all files in that folder.

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    What Do I Do To Avoid This In The Future?

    If you have a private connection, for example at home, you can run a virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

    print spooler service has been stopped canon printer windows 7

    If you are in a shared location or network, you can contact your network administrator to perform any type of network scan for misconfigured or infected devices.

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    The Print Spooler Stops Automatically (MR)

    For Windows XP, Windows Vista, many Windows, Windows 8, Windows 10 8.1


    print spooler service has been stopped canon printer windows 7

    I am getting the error “The Get-Spooler service is not started.” I am trying to print. Then I go to the service page to manually launch the product. I start the computer print spooler and printer service, which have started completely but stop automatically after a few seconds. It looks like the Windows 7 Print Spooler service crashes regularly. The print spooler does not remain enabled. At some point, I gave print a new command to print the document, but again I get a repeated error message. Then I checked some of the print spooler service in the url, is now stopped again.


    This article will teach you how to solve this basic problem. “The print spooler service stops automatically”, there are actually several reasons for this. The main reason is a conflict with the car driver (please update the manufacturer’s printer driver), but here we have explained everything. If you have followed all of the above correctlySteps aside, I’m sure none of our problems can exist anymore. The print spooler service stops automatically, the print spooler service stops automatically, the print spooler stops, the print spooler stops abruptly, the stopped print spooler cannot install the printer.


    • (for XP) Click Start, then RUN, then enter Services.msc in the RUN field and navigate to the entry.
    • (For Windows 7, 8, Vista) Click a topic in Start, then type Services.msc in the search box and press Enter.

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    2. Locate and double-click the Print Spooler service.

    2. You will see a kind of “stop” stopping the service for a while

    4. (Critical step) Change the value of “First and error” “Second error” according to the “Recovery tab”

    • Change First Error to Restart Service.
    • Change the Second Error value to Restart Service.

    5. Make sure the RPC service depends on the print spooler.

    • Delete all files, nas soon as you are in it (specify the path to the clean game)
    •  c:  windows  system32  spool  PRINTERS 
    • Return to the Print Spooler configuration page and click the Start button above.

    If The Dilemma Persists, Try These Additional Advanced Steps

    9. (Important step) Execute Get “SFC / scannow” in command (with command line administrator privileges)

     SFC / scannow 

    10 (Important step) Run another command “chkdsk / f / r” in command mode (with command line administrator privileges)

     chkdsk / f / r 

    12. (Critical step) Make sure printers are fully installed with correct “no driver conflicts” statements (reinstall printer drivers)

    Step 13: Get the file name “.dll”

    • Right-click My Computer and select Manage. You will receive another useful window.
    • Click the Event View arrow (to expand it).
    • Click the logs arrow (for Windows Develop).
    • Click Application under Windows Logs.
    • Now look at the right, all the software logs are listed there.
    • Now scroll down / up to find the main error (red cross error) related to the print spooler service. Did you notice it, double-click it for more information on (These logs are truncated when the system encounters an error or just a problem, so you can usually find the error by blocking a good spooler printer.)
    • You now have all the incorrect message details. Look here for this detail for the path and name of the “.dll” file.
    • You are now figuring out the reputation and path to the associated “.dll” file that is currently working precariously with the print -Spooler service.
    • To stop resolving conflicts, rename this “.dll” file.
      Complete the appropriate exercises in the file and use the following technique. If the “.dll” file you find is for printer drivers, you can rename and remove Lodge, then restart your computer, after which you can easily reinstall your wonderful printer driver. If the “.dll” directory found is for a 3rd party birthday celebration applicationIf you want to use the app frequently, you can uninstall and reinstall it. You can also rename and delete the file if it probably has nothing to do with Windows system files. Then restart the PC workstation once. 3. If “.File dll” is associated only with the location of Windows system files, do not rename or delete the file, as they themselves may adversely affect your workflow. To fix this problem, the customer will have to repair their Windows tool “SFC / scannow”, “chkdsk” or “Combo Fix” (Comobofix is ​​a third party strategy (FreeTo ol, but can handle most Windows problems). After that, boot Usually computer restarts once.
       SFC / scannowchkdsk 

    Q: “Local Print Spooler Service keeps stopping” starts and stops immediately. I tried to restart through Computer Management Services, but it stopped a few seconds after Make Spooler crashed.

    A: Hope the above answer works for you and solves your problem.

    Why does my print spooler keep stopping Windows 7?

    Sometimes the print spooler service can stop spooler files over and over again, as well as many pending or corrupted files. Deleting the spooler files can make unfinished print jobs or large numbers of files clear and crisp, or it can resolve questionable files to resolve a problem.

    Q: I have deleted some kind of print queue from kaspool directory. But it’s still stuck and the art doesn’t print anything. The message print is displayed but hidden. Why is the print spooler stopping to print? I tried to restart the print manager.

    A: Please check if the print spooler is running. If not, contact the Log Spooler service that is not working in the hotfix. If so, the steps in this information should work for you. Or, if you are still facing a dilemma, please leave a comment with more details.

    Q: I tried to take pictures with an HP diagnostic printer.

    A: I suggest you remove all drives and then fix the connected print spooler crash problem. You should try to restart the print spooler using service.msc, then you can fix the problem, the print spooler will start and automatically block the print spooler service.

    How do I fix my print spooler on my Canon printer?

    Delete all print jobs in the Ideas folder.Go back to Services, locate Print Spooler and right click. Buy now Start. ‘Now open the program you are closing and try to print the document of the desired type as usual.

    Q: I had the same problem with the printer. The print spooler service has terminated unexpectedly. I tried to stop and restart I added the service, but the problem persists. The Print Spooler Service has not been started / stopped.

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