Perl Make Command Solutions Not Found

Here are a few simple ways that can help solve the problem that the perl make command was not found.

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    I had the same problem, I also found that only perl #!/usr/bin/perl didn’t exist. Perl Neither -v nor -v /usr/bin/perl work.

    I searched for name / -name in many Perl files and then added a symlink,including /usr/bin to the actual location

    perl make command not found

    perl-v-bash: perl: no command found/usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl: -v-bash: No such directory or files

    This is actually Perl 5, version 14, a one-person minor version (v5.14.1) developed for x86_64 Linux

    Perl may only be copied under the terms that may accompany any artistic licenseThe GNU General Public License, which can always be found in the Perl 5 device source code.

    Full Perl documentation, lists including FAQs, can be found atthis is from PC “man perl” or “perldoc perl”. Do you have access to open marketInternet, in browser, Perl home page.

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    This is done in Perl version 5, 14, specifically 1 subversion (v5.14.1) created for x86_64 Linux

    Perl may only be written under the terms of the Artistic License orGNU General Public License, which can be used in the Perl 5 teeth whitening kits source code.

    Full Perl documentation, FAQs, including mailing lists, should be atthis found system uses “man perl” or “perldocperl”. You have access to the command, indeedInternet, open in your browser, the full Perl homepage.


    perl make command not found

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    bin in addition to Unix. I’m trying to run Perl on a Fedora 14 scripting machine.

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