How Do I Resolve The Parallels Hard Drive Error?

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported parallel hard drive errors.


    parallels hard disk error

    When using a virtual machine, I usually get the following error message:


    Can you use Parallels on an external hard drive?

    Yes indeed! By default, your virtual machine (.pvm file) is located in the new Documents / Parallels folder in your user file or in / Users / Shared / Parallels. pvm and paste it somewhere else (for example, on your disk).

    This crisis occurs when Parallels Desktop is unable to use a virtual machine to send read data or to expand information on it. Most often this happens for the following reasons:

    Troubleshooting And Possible Solutions

    How do I reinstall Parallels Tools on Mac?

    Start your computer with macOS media.After macOS starts, choose Actions> Install Parallels Tools.Usually open the Parallels Tools Volume folder in Finder and double-click Install.Enter the administrator password when prompted.

    If the file structure has been damaged, there is a program to restore it as follows:

    Thus, most first aid algorithms are more likely to find and fix a specific problem, since part of the hard disk is locked only for her needs, and not for first aid in normal mode.

    If that doesn’t work, the problem is usually with severe damage to the hard drive. The next part of the article will be devoted to him.

    Analysis Log

    To check your Mac hard drive for I / O (I / O) errors using dmesg, you need to immediately after an urgent error hshadow / write use Terminal command for Mac faceted effects:

    1. Launch Terminal (Finder> Applications> Utilities> Terminal).
    2. Typically execute the following command:

    NOTE. To receive the command, you need to enter your Mac password. For safety reasons, the symbol is not displayed. You can just press the keys and choose Return / Enter.

    If the output of sudo dmesg sell for contains an I / O error, see example below,

    disk2: I / O error.
    CoreStorageGroup :: completeIORequest (space) Found error 0xe00002ca for LVG “Macintosh HD” (D41ACF9D-27F1-44D4-A4D4-B3ACE45334CF), pv 3E833260-3241-4375-BB0F-972C27A3C457, s about LVGdisk2: I / O failure.
    CoreStorageGroup :: completeIORequest – error 0xe00002ca for LVG “Macintosh HD” (D41ACF9D-27F1-44D4-A4D4-B3ACE45334CF), pv 3E833260-3241-4375-BB0F-972C27A3C457, about LV-Byte = cdisk2: I / O error.

    This certainly means that the hard drive cannot be written or learned -> in this case, we strongly recommend that you take your Mac in order to really use Apple as a damages service. Don’t avoid using dmesg save.log to view the service on the device.

    Restore permissions for monitoring ha of virtual machines

    Sometimes the package of a virtual machine, also known as its internal files, is given insufficient permissions, which causes problems during startup. Set the default permissions in the following order:

    2. Start typing by following the command, but do not press Enter yet

    chmod -RN

    Can I delete Parallels VM hard disk image?

    You can delete a virtual host using the Remove Virtual Machine Assistant or by deleting its file yourself. By default, the Delete Virtual Machine Wizard removes the following files from the virtual machine: View TV files on floppy disks, if any. Output files from serial and parallel ports, if applicable.

    3. Find the virtual machine file (right-click its name in Parallels Control Center and choose Show in Finder)

    4. Drag the virtual machine file to the terminal to enter the full path to it. To clarify, the virtual machine is marked as Windows 10.pvm and is saved in the Documents / Parallels folder. In this case, the control looks like this

    chmod -RN ten /users/your_username/documents/parallels/windows.pvm

    NOTE: make sure there is usually a space between -RN and the file path

    In your case, the command type may differ depending on the friendly name and location of the machine.

    Check S.M.A.R.T. Status

    If you have an SSD or Fusion drive on your Mac, you can also check the S.M.A.R.T.status. (Self-control, analytical reporting and even technologistsi) from this disk:

    1. Open Disk Utility (Finder Applications >> Utilities> Disk Utility)

    2. Click the common hard drive name and check S.M.A.R.T. Status.

    3. Contact the nearest service center of your telecom operator. The status is different from confirmed (for example, failed)

    Check if the virtual creator file can be read

    As a general troubleshooting factor, it is helpful to do some online research to see if the system can read new data from the virtual machine.

    2. Start by typing the following command, but never press Enter


    How do I fix a corrupted virtual machine in Parallels?

    In Mac OS X, open Finder, go to Applications> Utilities, and double-click Terminal.Paste the following command into the terminal as it is (don’t press Enter yet): prl_disk_tool check –hdd.Find this virtual machine in Finder.Draw your own WindowsXXX.Press Enter and wait for this process to complete.

    3. Virtual machine notification file (right-click its name in Parallels Control Center and choose Show in Finder)

    4. Drag and drop the virtual machine file into the terminal to fully enter the most important path. Then add the following:

    -type f Dd -exec if = of = / dev / null ;

    find ~ / Documents / Parallels / Windows 10.pvm / -type f -professional dd of = / dev / null if = ;

    5. Press the Return / Enter key and wait for the process to complete Absorption (the same line should be displayed as on the terminal you just started, named computername: ~ username $). In the dilemma, you will see some errors, this means that personal information cannot be read from the entire virtual machine: it can often be saved on bad sectors of the hard disk, have incorrect permissions, etc. Save the product as a text file, this will help you Reduce typo errors by contacting Parallels Support.

    Launch Windows Virtual Printer from an External Hard Drive

    1. If you see a critical hard drive read / write error message when Windows is displayed on an external drive, make sure the hard drive is not S.M.A.R.T status other than Verified.
      Sometimes the drive should be visible in Disk Utility and even in Collected .
    2. If you miss the idea of ​​an error and can log into Windows, check your VHD for error messages.
      It can be hard to helpthe broken blocks that are the cause of each of our mistakes.
    3. If your business fails by mistake because it keeps popping up, create a new Windows PC for more in-depth troubleshooting.
      Power off the created machine and no doubt connect the damaged VHD of that main machine to the new single as a second drive.
      Go to Windows Explorer and make sure the damaged space along with the C: drive belongs to the new computer. Usually it is assigned the letter D: or E: .
      Execute Check the hard drive value for this drive, make sure the correct hard drive mapping matches the correct drive letters.

    Once the issue is fixed (with Apple or not), you can restore the # virtual keyword # from Time Machine or another backup:

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    1. In particular, on the Time It machine, it must be in the same folder as the damaged one – this is a .pvm file, probably 10 windows.pvm

    2. Place the restored backup in the same folder and double-click this method to link it to the Control Center.

    Before contacting Apple Support, we recommend that you add the virtual hardware of this virtual machine to a new nifty virtual machine as described below:

    2. In the starter virtual machine configuration, go to the layout editor, add the star disk of the damaged virtual machine as the second disk.
    parallels hard disk error

    After loading a link to a new virtual machine, an additional destructive disk image and an additional hard disk with a label appear.

    Copy all required data to drive C and dissolve the entire disk image in a new mock virtual machine. If there is no data on the new disk, it means that these clips were recorded at the damaged stage of the virtual disk and the disk cannot be recovered.

    Note. RegardlessAs a result of the solution, the problem is not related to Parallels Desktop and no further action is required from Parallels.

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