Best Way To Solve Nfs Getattr Fail Due To Server Error 5 Rpc Timed Out

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    If you’re getting the error nfs getattr failed for server error 5 rpc timed out, today’s blog post is here to help you.

    NFS Getattr Fails For string: RPC Server: Timed Out


    This message appears on an NFS client that has requested service through an NFS server that has experienced a hardware failure. The message NFS lookup failure often appears with this email. If the server was simply slow or responding slowly, the message NFS Server Not Responding was displayed.the choice would seem to consist of. Possible data corruption on the server ring.


    Because this message sometimes indicates a server hardware failure, please start repairing as soon as possible. Check the memory modules, hard drive controllers, and CPU board.

    See See Also

    For more information on configuring NFS, see the Undercover chapter on network performance in your System Administration Guide Volume 2.

    I’ve had weird problems with just about every Solaris 10 client connecting to a good Solaris
    9 NFS server.
    Random access to the NFS server causes problems

    Getattr NFS for failed nfs-fs2 server: error5 (RPC: timeout)

    This usually happens when I decide to do something serious,
    like launching Firefox from a read-only NFS mounted filesystem.
    I also have a real colleague who complained about these errors
    They could be heard from time to time on our nfs server… but only AFTER
    upgrading Solaris 9 to Solaris 10.

    nfs getattr failed for server error 5 rpc timed out

    The problem then is that you can’t
    have other functional NFS access to this server, so 2 or 3 mounts of it
    find a good time.


    I don’t know how to continue troubleshooting.
    I tried the following:

    2. ls /nfs/filesystem from another client (it’s sol9 by the way). No problems. The server itself is shown as running

    3.Ls inside “bad” client to ANOTHER nfs server works fine.

    This strain appears to be sporadic. I can drive for days without
    problems… but then a broken window.

    This looks more or less like a network problem… Besides what I mentioned, I CAN talk about other systems at this time. also -I “netstat bge0”
    only shows some errors.

    Post p***@bolthole
    I’m having a weird headache with a Solaris 10 client and I’m browsing a Solaris NFS server
    Accessing temporary NFS in time may have problems with server, c
    failed to get NFS attribute for server nfs-fs2: error 5 (RPC: timed out)

    This message probably expresses my opinion. They
    are in no way
    associated with the views of my employer, Sun Microsystems.
    The statements made here regarding Sun products are undoubtedly gospel and may
    be more fiction than truth.

    This message appears on an NFS client that has requested service from an NFS server
    with faulty hardware. Often, NFS Read Failed appears along with this message. If the Internet computer is simply down or responding too slowly, the NFS Server
    Definitely Not Responding message appears instead. Data corruption is possible,
    especially in the server system.
    Because this test message usually indicates a hardware failure of the server, take action to restore
    as soon as possible. Checkthose memory modules, disk controller and
    CPU board.

    Nfs Mount: Reservation Cannot Be Attached, Which Is Ported

    This message appears when the software tries to use NFS to expand the file system from
    a server with multiple Ethernet monitors configured on the same physical subnet
    You always end up with multiple Ethernet interfaces in a switching system to different
    physical subnets.

    Mount Nfs:attach:string:device Busy

    This message appears when the root user tries to find NFS at the beginning of the
    directory. The busy device is actually the working directory of process a.
    Find out what case is currently found on the workstation at the mount point
    and change the directory. Be careful with subshells (such as su(1M) shells), which
    may be in different working directories, while adults remain the bottom mount point.

    NFS Mounted: /string Mounted OK

    During startup, the device failed toMount the directory after you have given the first colon,
    probably because all the NFS servers involved were down or slow to respond. The mount
    was running in the background and everyone successfully connected to our NFS server.

    This is an informational message, informing you only that the connection process

    Call Log Folder Mounted Via NFS Is Not Supported.

    After installing the Solaris 2.6 software systems on the system, users tried to start their
    calendars using the CDE Calendar Manager (/usr/dt/bin/dtcm) or
    from the OpenWindows Schedule (/usr/openwin/bin/ cm), you will see the following dialog box:
    Schedule: Info – NFS-mounted call log file is not supported.
    Your default start calendar file appears to be NFS-mounted, or
    should be the symbolic link must be the same. This is not supported.
    When you click the
    Start button, the following error appears in the console window:

    rpc.cmsd host date and time[PID]: rpc.cmsd:
    NFS defined call log file underMaintained No – [email protected]
    host date and time rpc.cmsd[PID]: mounted rpc. cmsd:
    nfs call log file not supported – [email protected]

    However, calendars will work with older Solaris software and

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    It has long been known that NFS-mounted calendars are not fully supported. The be
    calendar may be corrupted if multiple people use the calendar at the same time. Usually, when
    two rpc.cmsd daemons write the entire calllog file at the same time, the file becomes

    nfs getattr failed for server error 5 rpc timed out

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