Troubleshooting Tip Name Not Found When Accessing External Object’s Powerbuilder Property

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    You may encounter a name not found error when accessing the properties of an external Powerbuilder object. As it turns out, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we’ll get back to that in a moment.

    Try it… you get “Error accessing external theme property”
    Hello!I have coded a function containing a utility object that is about to be rButtonDown window data event de.DieArgument that Datawindowobject is dwo in handevent arguments. Essential characteristic to evaluateproperty needed group dwo: ls_band units imply dwo.bandWhen the user right-clicks in an empty area of ​​the data window,policy error occurs:Error accessing string quartet property of external object on line 11in the target function uf_rbuttondown from u_nv_fs_dwsrvc.Wantso I avoid trying this…pull…possibly blocking:To attempt Two ls_band=.bandcatch (le_all exception) ls_b…access

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    “Error on external object properties” error number 39
    I need your help to fix this error.I get an error similar to this “Error accessing object properties from outside”. Mistakenumber at 39error constructor event string 1Code in constructor path:-ole_cost_summary.object.ToolBar = 0//ole_cost_summary.object.DataReset is 9ole_cost_summary.object.NumPoints = 3ole_cost_summary.object.NumSets = 6ole_cost_summary.object.DrawMode is 1ole_cost_summary.object.AutoInc=1thank you in advanceRISK Are people sure that ole_cost_summary is in the correct specific location, is this where it should be run?Maybe people put it in Published?

    dwo.type a for button-formed data window raises error – outer element property type access error set
    When the rbuttondown event fires to get u_dw , it raises pfc_u_dwThe rbuttondown event is crashing due to a recent issue with the dwo (responsive button up) window). To see this, place the radio button in the data window andPress rbmenu experience type – pfc_u_dw rbuttondown will trigger on the systemProduct Line Error 45 .line 45if dwo.<> type “column” thencome back toend ifWorkarounds?My guess is that PowerBuilder is a bug that stumbles upon when PFC stumbles upon [email protected] Monday 09 March 1999 2:54:04 pm GMT at power[email protected] wrote:>If Rbu…

    name not found accessing external object property powerbuilder

    Error getting external properties, error 39
    I need your help to fix this error.I get e About the error message “Third-party error when accessing object properties”Mistake #39Error in constructor event line 1Code on constructor event:-ole_cost_summary.object.ToolBar means 0//ole_cost_summary.object.DataReset = 9ole_cost_summary.object.NumPoints = 3ole_cost_summary.object.NumSets implies 6ole_cost_summary.object.DrawMode=1ole_cost_summary.object.=1Thanks everyone in advanceRISK…

    External property access error, phone number 39 error
    I need your help to correct some errors.This receiptI’m getting the error “Error accessing object properties from outside”.Mistake #39Error on line 1 of constructor constructor eventThe In code event consists of:-ole_cost_summary.object.ToolBar = 0//ole_cost_summary.object.DataReset = 9ole_cost_summary.object.NumPoints implies 3ole_cost_summary.object.NumSets = 6ole_cost_summary.object.DrawMode=1ole_cost_summary.object.=autoinc 1thank you in advanceRISK ALWAYS release the version/build of pb you are working with.”property error in object” from outside…

    Error getting la property of external object
    God bless you! everyone Just wanted to if you want to ask why I am getting the following inconsistently:Mistakemistakehow to access the deletion property la of an external object in a function stringOf_undeletemarkedunmarkedrows 31 n_bo_partnbr_xref objects.Line thirty-one in n_bo_partnbr_xref.of_UndeleteMarkedUnmarkedRows:ll_RowSelector = ids_part_number.Object.Data.Delete[ll_Row, 4]It just might give you something to know, there is a short line that is before the common line (above).The ids_part_number.SetFullState(ablb_data) code from earlier.To fix the above error i tried to run hereline of code:ll_Row… Access

    error in external problem property
    I am “new” to OCX/ACTIVEX/OLE. I have a problem with OLE from i ocxWhat I feel when I try to use them with PowerBuilder 5.0.04. Does he haveThe whole property is usually “Action” which I’m trying to set to on1. I can successfully install by simply placing the object as ole desirein the window with access to the code immediately after the line:ole_1.object.Action=Issue 1That is, I want you to put this object in a new data window and access itin. I configured data window object with external source stylePresentation “Ole 2.0”. I paste my .Control…

    Error accessing external property object
    Hello everyone! I triedGive a string value to the calculated field, then New to the errorMessage “Error calling external property object…”. I have no doubtwould like to know how to assign as a string value of the computed community in the assignment program.thank you in advanceYes this is a possible valueChris didn’t text Werner “Must be a news article.”Messages:[email protected]…> .Dear .All,> .I .tried to .assign a .string to a .computed .field .but .but .only .error> .message . “Error .accessing .other .objects .properties…”. I would likeHow? ‘Or’ What>…in

    Finding failed when properties of an external object… Reading
    i items from a contacts folder in Outlook. It works great, but suddenly I haveI’d say the error message is: “Error accessing property external problem…”.There may be a great bug with the “In Outlook Contacts” folder.I know it’s error handling in addition to object child From OLEObject.Isthere is an “ExternalException” event where can I ignore errors. with but mineError, PB is not going to inject an event.Is there another way to ignore this error? UseNot specified to setautomationpointer to redirect error handling to you.custom class. From contact…

    name not found accessing external object property powerbuilder

    Error accessing article external property
    Hello!If I add an ocx check for the file transfer log, I can log in, but it fails when I try to upload the file.I am getting a new access error for external targets. Why would someone? Iput dll and even ocx files or what could be the problem?ThanksPetra…

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    외부 개체 속성 Powerbuilder에 액세스하는 이름을 찾을 수 없습니다
    Nie Znaleziono Nazwy Uzyskiwanie Dostepu Do Wlasciwosci Obiektu Zewnetrznego Powerbuilder
    Nom Introuvable Acces A La Propriete De L Objet Externe Powerbuilder
    Nome Nao Encontrado Acessando Powerbuilder De Propriedade De Objeto Externo
    Nome Non Trovato Durante L Accesso Al Powerbuilder Della Proprieta Dell Oggetto Esterno
    Imya Ne Najdeno Pri Dostupe K Svojstvu Vneshnego Obekta Powerbuilder
    Namnet Hittades Inte For Atkomst Till Extern Objektegenskap Powerbuilder
    Name Beim Zugriff Auf Externe Objekteigenschaft Powerbuilder Nicht Gefunden
    Naam Niet Gevonden Toegang Tot Externe Objecteigenschap Powerbuilder
    Nombre No Encontrado Accediendo A Propiedad De Objeto Externo Powerbuilder