Easy Way To Fix Kernel Call_verify Rpc Server Response Was Truncated

If the response from the rpc kernel call_verify server has been truncated on your PC, this guide may help you.

Updated: Restoro

  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Launch the program and select your language
  • 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to start scanning for problems
  • Improve your computer's performance by clicking here to download the software.

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     [previous in the list] [next in the list] [ previous in the stream] [ next in the stream]List: git-commits-headSubject: SUNRPC: Remove some noisy and unnecessary printk () phones in call_verify ()From: Linux kernel mailing list Date: 07/13/2007 23:59:49Message ID: 200707132359.l6DNxngC005117 () hera; Basic! organiz tion[Upload message or simple promotional text]Gitweb:;a=commit;h=8a702bbb7ddaa2e78c17dbaaf48e3cd5943676f0Commitment: 8a702bbb7ddaa2e78c17dbaaf48e3cd5943676f0Parent: 0df7fb74fbb709591301871a38aac7735a1d6583Author: Mikleust trond Author Date: Wednesday, June 27 18:30:26 2008 -0400Curator: Trond Mikleust CommitDate: Tue Jul 10 11:40:38 PM 2007 -0400    SUNRPC: removes some noise in addition to unnecessary printk () calls in call_verify ()        Convert them to dprintk () calls.       Signature: Trond Mikleust --- net / sunrpc / clnt.c | 24 +++++++++++++++ --------- 1 modified personal data record, 15 inserts (+), 9 deletions (-)diff --git a / net / sunrpc / clnt.c b / net / sunrpc / clnt.cIndex 50af8bb..e1553cf 100644--- a / net / sunrpc / clnt.c+++ b / net / sunrpc / [email protected]@ -1315.9 +1315.9 Call_verify (struct @@ rpc_task * task) * - although pointer subtraction in the NFS owner is rare * results not defined * /-printk (KERN_WARNING- "call_verify: XDR representation is not a multiple"- preview to the power of 4 bytes: 0x% x  n ", task-> tk_rqstp-> rq_rcv_buf.len);+ dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: XDR view is not a pair"+ bytes in inches: 4 0x% x  n ", task-> tk_pid, __FUNCTION__,+ task-> tk_rqstp-> rq_rcv_buf.len); go to out_eio; }	When ((len - = 3) <0)@@ -1325.7 +1325.8 @@ call_verify (struct rpc_task * task) p + = 1; / * Ign Set up XID * / When ((n = ntohl (* p ++))! = RPC_REPLY)- printk (KERN_WARNING "call_verify: no response RPC:% x  n", n);+ dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: no response RPC:% x  n",+ Task-> tk_pid, __FUNCTION__, n); go to out_garbage; When ((n = ntohl (* p ++))! implies RPC_MSG_ACCEPTED)@@ -1376.7 +1377.8 @@ call_verify (struct rpc_task * task) “Authentication.  N ", task-> tk_client-> cl_server); Pause; Initially:- printk (KERN_WARNING "call_verify: unknown authentication error:% x  n", n);+ dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: unknown authentication error:% x  n",+ Task-> tk_pid, __FUNCTION__, n); Error = -EIO;  dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: call was rejected by% d  n",@@ -1384.7 +1386.8 @@ call_verify (struct rpc_task * task) go to out_err; } if (! (p is equal to rpcauth_checkverf (task, p)))- printk (KERN_WARNING "call_verify: failed authentication check  n");+ dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: failed authentication scan  n",+ task-> tk_pid, __FUNCTION__); go to out_garbage; / * error checking, please try again * /  len = v - (__be32 *) iov-> iov_base - 1;@@ -1423.7 +1426.8 @@ call_verify (struct rpc_task * task) Task-> tk_pid, __FUNCTION__); Pause; /* try again */ Initially:- printk (KERN_WARNING "call_verify: Internet acceptance status:% x  n", n);+ dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: server receive status:% x  n",+ Task-> tk_pid, __FUNCTION__, n); / * Also try again * / } @@ -1437.14 +1441.16 @@ out_garbage: out_retry: Returns ERR_PTR (-EAGAIN); }- printk (KERN_WARNING "RPC% s: attempt failed, end of EIO  n", __FUNCTION__); out_eio: The error implies -EIO; out_err: rpc_exit (task, error);+ dprintk ("RPC:% 5u% s: call failed with error% d  n", task-> tk_pid,+ __FUNKTION__, error); Returns ERR_PTR (error); out_overflow:- printk (KERN_WARNING "RPC% s: response from server was truncated.  n", __FUNCTION__);+ dprintk ("Response from RPC server:% s:% 5u was truncated.  n", go to task-> tk_pid,+ __FUNKTION__); out_garbage; } -To remove yourself from this list: upload "unsubscribe git-commits-head" to the news text at [email protected] information on Majordomo[previous in the list] [next in the list] [ previous in the stream] [ next in the stream]

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