Tips To Fix An Unexpected Inspircd Base64 Header Error

This user guide will help you if you encounter unexpected inspircd base64 header error.

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    I cannot reproduce this situation with self signed PEMs. This is what I used.

    You seem to have a great EC settings section that doesn’t suit me. Does it work if a person takes pictures? Google suggests that this is one thing from OpenSSL.

      Public key information:Public Key Algorithm: EC / ECDSAKey security level: high (256 bit)Curve: SECP256R1Private key:77: c3: 21: 33: 59: 82: 1d: bb: 37: 78: ff: 14: cd: 45: 9e: 577c: 91: cf: e2: c5: 24: 8e: 76: 9d: b7: cf: d2: b6: f8: 29: c7X:51: 85: 75: 09: 45: a8: 62: 02: 36: 81: 6b: 39: 9e: e3: 76: 87ff: 31: ea: fc: f0: ff: a6: ba: 02: 38: a3: d2: f5: d6: 94: b3j:00: dd: fb: 10: 41: a2: bc: ee: 1a: e5: 63: 35: c9: cc: 72: 42dc: 91: 7f: f6: ac: 5a: 4f: dc: dd: b8: ab: bb: bd: 3f: 7c: f39th:Public Key PIN:pin-sha256: JA21MaPggusr8T0UqS7v7 / DWJJiGeSLekaU4l5vpiMk =Public key identifier:sha256: 240db531a3e082eb2bf13d14a92eefeff0d62498867922de91a538979be988c9sha1: 05051ffeb5ad4254ca67d082a253adc8b1c30d1a----- PRIVATE KEY START THIS -----MHcCAQEEIHfDITNZgh27N3j / FM1Fnld8kc / ixSSOdp23z9K2 + CnHoAoGCCqGSM49AwEHoUQDQgAEUYV1CUWoYgI2gWs5nuN2h / 8x6vzw / 6a6Ajij0vXWlLPd + xBBorzuGuVjNcnMckLckX / 2rFpP3N24q7u9P3zzng ==----- EC PRIVATE KEY END ----- 

    Module “ssl_gnutls”


    inspircd base64 unexpected header error

    This module allows you to connect encrypted TLS (SSL) using the gnutls library.


    inspircd base64 unexpected header error


    This module extends the most important tags with the following fields:

    Type name Default value Description
    ssl Text None This MUST be set to the correct GnuTLS TLS name at the end (SSL) to pay for secure connections with GnuTLS.
    Usage example

    Lists suitable for GnuTLS encrypted IRC connections on your current endpoint *: 6697 with an SSL page titled Clients:


    Listens only for encrypted GnuTLS server connections on a specific endpoint *: 7000 with SSL marked as the “Servers” profile:


    The tag defines parameters using the simplest behavior of the ssl_gnutls module. Please note that this can only be requested once.

    Name Type Default value Description
    onrehash Boolean No If TLS (ssl) profiles (see below) Reloaded should appear as part of general hashing.
    Usage example

    specifies the TLS (SSL) profile tag available for sockets. You can set this tag as often as you like.

    If the tag cloud is not defined, a standard profile is created, often referred to as gnutls . This profile should use the content of all deprecated if day 1 is set. Professionals are strongly advised to state that you are not using it as it will be removed in a future version.



    Name Type Default value Description
    name Text None required! The name of this profile is TLS (SSL). This is used with for inbound connections and therefore outbound server connections.
    Text Vendor No Required! This MUST be set to “gnutls” in order to use the GnuTLS library.
    cafile Text ca.pem The path to our own Inca PEM format.
    certfile Text cert.pem Path to the certificate in pem format.
    crl file
    Text crl. pem path to the CRL in PEM format.
    dhfile Text dhparams.pem Path to DH PEM parameters in.
    Text Hash md5 Hash algorithm available for TLS (SSL) client fingerprints …
    key file text key. pem Path to the private key in the form Take PEM.
    number 1024 Typical number of bits for most DH parameter files for use in interchange Diffie-Hellman keys.
    outrecsize Number 2048 Optimal GnuTLS outbound record size.
    Priority Text Normal GnuTLS Priority String

    requestclientcert Boolean Yes Whether to request TLS for your certificate (SSL) from clients …
    strict priority Boolean No Whether to request all tokens in the GnuTLS priority line valid.

    The hash field must be set to one of the moral values ​​specified in gnutls-cli --list | ... grep ^ extract: .

    is displayed

    Usage example
       Special Strict Priority = "no"> 


    If you are using the full certificate and key providede with a certification authority, you may also need to provide a DH settings file. This file can often be saved using the generated certtool --generate-dh-params --sec-param expected --outfile dhparams.pem and then neatly saved in the config directory. You may need to use gnutls-certtool along with certtool macOS on and --bits 2048 instead of --sec. use -param normal in GnuTLS 2.x.


    Profiles are not reloaded on daily re-hashes. If you want to reload SSL profiles, you need to enable , / REHASH -ssl endings, or download the sslrehash signal frequently so that you can use SSL – you can reload profiles by sending SIGUSR1 to this InspIRCd process.

    If you have reading problems. To create your own personal .pem files, make sure the device has read access to the verbose delete path, including deletion. If you are on a real system that uses AppArmor (like our Debian and Ubuntu packages), customers may need to change the AppArmor profile so that InspIRCd will handle them as well.

    This module is installedIt is from a third party library (GnuTLS) and must be manually activated at publish time.

    After installing the family dependency, you can activate this module with the following command:

      ./configure --enable-extras ssl_gnutls  

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