Help Fix Winsock Installation Error.

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    It seems some readers have run into a bug with winsock being installed incorrectly. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s look at them now. a) In the “Start Search” Cmd box, right-click cmd.exe, select “Run as and administrator” click “Next”. b) Type netsh winsock reset at the do prompt and likewise, press ENTER. Note. You may receive an error message if your current command is entered incorrectly. You type for new a new command.

    I’ve searched Google for an answer to this question for this problem, but haven’t found anything. So I’m posting the following to help you. When I try to open utorrent I get a separate error: Failed or

    wsastartup() you installed the wrong version of Winsock.

    It happened unexpectedly. I have no idea what could have caused this. When I try to reset my winsock settings using the “netsh winsock reset” command in my console, I get the error:

    InitHelperDll initialization function associated with NSHHTTP. startup DLL errorCode 10107Access denied.


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  • No money uploaded for the first week also I didn’t run .exe files for a long time and one morning when I turned on my log I (hpcomapq6715b) I got this message Failed “wsastartup or you have installed the wrong type of winsock, and the Windwos sidebar was not working properly.This message could be in the window but the original name was “uTorrent” so it seems like uTorrent has some unique relationship.But after restarting my computer was apparently logged in for about another 2-3 units and finally I just got a blue screen of the next (perhaps a color, due to my theme I tried ctrl + alt + del and it brought people to the pre-lock menu (I’m using Vista Windows Basic in the morning) home. I started the task manager, but I can’t do anything about it.So I started the laptop in protected mode (I finally have an e office computer) presented and Combofix.
    These files have been removed:

    But right after restarting in normal mode, it never loads normal worker Just like before, a half-empty blue screen.

    BC (connection Is Being Deleted)


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  • Local issue: fixed. I ran Combofix again. I carefully scanned my computer for Ad-Aware (in safe mode) + Made it important: in cmd “netsh reset” wrote winsock. After all reboots they come back to normal.


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    Please be careful. ComboFix is ​​conceived by the creator and can be used “generally under the direction and supervision of a new good NON-professional”, for personal use. Please read the Combofix disclaimer. Using this tool can easily lead to disastercal problems that prevent your operating system from restarting.

  • Whenever I try to format a custom backup drive that also fails, formats can do it. someone to inform me. Thanks in advance

    The backup drive will not be formatted


    1. What operating system did you client use?

    2 getting an error message?

    If you’re using Windows7, I recommend that you follow the links and check them out.

    Suggested 1:

    I monitor the website and check it.

    “Check the disk file for errors.

    Method 2:

    Open each command prompt window by clicking the appropriate start button, tap “All Programs”, then “Tools” and click “Command Prompt”.

    incorrect winsock installed

    (a) large diskpart and press enter to open the diskpart tool.

    (b) List enter drive press and ENTER. available List the drive in question.

    (c) Enter an empty number Salt press and ENTER. The number represents the full number of the hard drivethe claim you wish to clear. Your computer’s hard drive is now selected.

    (d) drive, Type then press ENTER. Align the DVD hard partition guides. This information is used to verify that the correct drive has been selected. Make sure the disk

    (e) does not contain the required data, type the last entry, then press ENTER to clear the disk. partitions, Everything and all data on the drive will probably be completely deleted.

    (f) Type and exit press ENTER to close the diskpart tool.

    incorrect winsock installed

    (g) close the command line window. Format

    Method 3:

    even a disk partition

    Formatting disks and drives: frequently asked questions


  • Service Pack 2 disables sounds during installation. Anyone help? may have tried twice and also used system restore once.64-bit

    This is Vista after Service Pack 2.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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    Unlimited free installation and support Windows compatibility for Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support SP2 is valid until February 26, 2010. Support

    Microsoft free version for SP2 vista from one way link above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy, Microsoft Partner

  • I am bringing a 32-bit AutoCAD 2002 program that will not install on my 64-bit Windows vista Home – Premium operating system. Can anyone help & me the comma; please?

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    Winsock Incorrecto Instalado
    Winsock Errato Installato
    Onjuiste Winsock Geinstalleerd
    Zainstalowany Nieprawidlowy Winsock
    Mauvais Winsock Installe
    Felaktig Winsock Installerad
    Winsock Incorreto Instalado
    잘못된 Winsock이 설치됨
    Nepravilnyj Vinsok Ustanovlen
    Falsches Winsock Installiert

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