Helps To Fix Text Formatting Errors In Outlook VBA

This article was created to help you if you receive text formatting error in Outlook VBA.

Updated: ASR Pro

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    I need to format a specific string value from Excel to Outlook.

    Once the value is provided by Excel, the macro adds that value to the email message.

    I tried to select a value and set it to BOLD, but all content as well as the message became BOLD. How do I write the value so that I can use the base font, size and color as I want?

      obj.HTMLBody = "" & StrAgnt & & vbCrLf obj.HTMLBody 

    formatting text in outlook vba

    The HTML Body Computer hard drive format can enrich email and make it easier to read. This article explains how to send HTML email in Excel by adding bold text and highlighting it due to the specified size and format of the color picker text.

    Email clearly in bold / size / Send colored / underlined text in VBA program format