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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered a well-known error message when initializing cancellation. This problem can arise for several reasons. Let’s discuss it now.

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    If you still need help, feel free to contact me or the many support members, we will be happy to reopen this case.

    failed to initialize aborting

    Right click on the game in the library.
    Select Properties.
    Click the Local Files tab.
    Click “Check integrity of game cache”.

    Good. Look in your folder .. MyDocuments Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    This should be game.crash.txt or game.crash.log.
    Take a look at what was last there – low. He can tell you what ultimately caused it.

    Still in the same folder, find “game.log.txt”. It will tell you what was processed when the game started, and if the download failed or is missing.

    I deleted these files, checked the game memory cache and updated the drivers

    room217au, please help me shoot a video or talk to me

    Right click on the game in the library.
    Select Properties.
    Click the Local Files tab.
    Click “Check the integrity of the game cache”.

    Okay. Look securely in the “.. MyDocuments Euro Truck Simulator 2” folder.
    There should be only one file named “game.crash.txt” or “game.crash.log” Check out the new look. He can teach you what it is.

    Also look for “game out.log.txt” in the same directory.
    This will tell the client what happened during the launch of the game, and even if something was not downloaded or was missing.

    Post your game.log.txt so you can use (no account required) and if you post a link here we will search for you accordingly.
    You will find this document in the folder “C: Users * USERNAME * Documents Euro Truck Simulator For 2”, installation failed.

    Okay. Look in your personal folder “.. MyDocuments Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
    There will probably be a file named “game.crash.txt”, otherwise “game.crash.log” Take a look. He could tell you why.

    Also search for “game out.log.txt” for a duplicate folder. Here you will find out whatWhat happened during the game, and whether something was damaged or missing.

    I’ve looked at both files, but I don’t know how to find these problems. Can you tell me about the processes? please

    I just bought a program and faced the same major problem. When I try to check the ethics of a cash game, it stops, and from now on it may even start.


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    nothanx eredeti hozzászólása:

    Disable Runomware Protection in Windows Security

    failed to initialize aborting

    Some time ago I had the same problem with F1 2012, this one was re-downloaded on every download (from Steam), ~ 7GB, I stopped playing for this very reason. Steam Support was unable to resolve the issue

    If you are having problems with the Steam client, you will receive the following.

    Please exit Steam and navigate to C: Program Files Steam (this is the default location for installing Steam only – if you do choose a different installation directory, the families should be with you.).

    Remove all files from folder type except:

    steamapps folder and Steam.exe (this file is a nice application as shown and contains the black and white Steam logo)

    Restart your computer.

    Then run Steam.exe in your Steam project folder, not through an existing shortcut.

    Test our original problem by starting Steam again.

    Note: This process does not affect your currently installed games.

    If the donation is ongoing, please make sure your network is truly Steam Optimized:

    Title: Network Connection Troubleshooting Link:,
    So php? Ref = 1456-eudn-2493

    Hi, I am getting the error “Failed to initialize game file system, refusing” when starting ETS2. My online game was working fine until I decided to merge the section of my installation. I had to move data from my computer to my documents folder so that I could launch games from the entire section. (I had to reassign the document file path so that some gamesfinally working). (I organized some specials as well, but they worked before I decided to merge the hard drive partitions). Before installing Promods, I installed the Heat 1.14 update and played the game without any problems. The game also worked with 1.14 promotions before summing up the score.

    • I tried to reinstall someone’s game twice. (The game was removed once directly from Steam and removed a second time by re-downloading the uninstaller just before).
      In addition, the integrity of the game link was checked before reloading and immediately after reloading the game without any problems. (Even though I thought a new download would fix my problems, I thought it was worth checking out the list of things to try.)
      I may have checked the log, but the most recent log update was October 26th, the day the section was merged. But in general, there doesn’t seem to be everything to do with the gaming system, unless it’s safe and I just understand the terminology. (I can download this magazine when you finally want to see if you can find anything).

    So, in us Currently I don’t have a mod containing the mods folder and I am still getting some error, so is it possible that it has something to do with the paths to the document directory? Is there a way to write?

    PS: I thought I’d add that I had the same problem, coincidence, or issue with Assetto Corsa that caused it to fail to start, so I downloaded it again and it worked.

    I think I have good nightmare solving skills, but this is better for me.

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    Fehler Beim Initialisieren Des Abbruchs
    Echec De L Initialisation Abandon
    No Pudo Inicializar Abortando
    중단을 초기화하지 못했습니다
    Ne Udalos Inicializirovat Preryvanie
    Kan Afbreken Niet Initialiseren
    Impossibile Inizializzare L Interruzione
    Misslyckades Med Att Initiera Abort
    Nie Udalo Sie Zainicjowac Przerywania
    Falhou Ao Inicializar O Aborto