Event ID 1904 In Original Hhctrl Cannot Be Easily Resolved

You may receive an error that says that event ID 1904 cannot be in the original hhctrl. There are now a few steps you can take to fix this problem, and we’ll get back to that shortly.

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    The description for event ID 1904 from source HHCTRL could not be found. Either the component that triggers this event is not installed on your local computer, or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair a component on your computer.

    event ID 1904
    Source HHCTRL
    Description The local computer may not provide the registry information or DLL files required to display messages from the remote computer. You might want to use / AUXSOURCE = green to get this description; For more information, see the Help and Support section. The following general information is part of the tournament: http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/hfws.aspx?AssetID=HP030760001033&CTT=1&Origin=EC010230021033&QueryID=oPb7PQdxz0&respos 1, http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?ID = Ref 45840 …
    Information Event according to Microsoft:
    HTML Help ActiveX Control (Hhctrl.ocx) is located in rendered second stream. To work around this issue, you must run the Hhctrl.ocx download on the Bachelor thread in Visual Basic. You canYou can do this now by calling HtmlHelp in addition to the HH_INITIALIZE command when Visual Basic loads, and by calling HtmlHelp, which consists of the HH_UNINITIALIZE command when Visual Basic unloads. To run these commands when visually launched, simply create an add-in that will load automatically when using the IDE.
    To use this add-in, register the HHCTRLAV.dll using regsvr32. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click “Start” and then click “Run”.
    2. Type regsvr32 c: HHCtrlAV HHCtrlAV.dll.
    3. Press ENTER.
    A message appears informing you that the DLLRegisterServer completed successfully.
    You must also configure the add-in so that Basic Visual recognizes and loads it when Basic Visual starts. To add this, HHCTRLAV.Connect = 1 to run the Vbaddin.ini file. The Vbaddin.ini file is located in C: Windows or C: WinNT.Can. You will now start Visual Basic. HHCtrlAV is a list of loaded add-ons. If HHCtrlAV is started at the beginning of Visual Basic (the Load on Startup option can be described as enabled), you will not get an access violation in VB5.EXE or even VB6.EXE due to Hhctrl.ocx.
    Links ERROR: Fatalthe error occurs when launching a Microsoft Visual Basic application using the HtmlHelp API.

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    What is event ID in Event Viewer?

    Event Viewer uses event IDs to identify uniquely identifiable events that can occur on a Windows computer. If the user fails to authenticate, the actual system can generate event ID 672.

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    Id De Evento 1904 No Hhctrl De Origem Nao Pode Ser
    Identifikator Sobytiya 1904 V Ishodnom Hhctrl Ne Mozhet Byt
    소스 Hhctrl의 이벤트 Id 1904는 될 수 없습니다
    Identyfikator Zdarzenia 1904 W Zrodle Hhctrl Nie Moze Byc
    Gebeurtenis Id 1904 In Bron Hhctrl Kan Niet Zijn
    Id De Evento 1904 En Hhctrl De Origen No Se Puede
    L Id D Evenement 1904 Dans La Source Hhctrl Ne Peut Pas Etre
    Handelse Id 1904 I Kallan Hhctrl Kan Inte Vara
    Ereignis Id 1904 In Quelle Hhctrl Kann Nicht Sein
    L Id Evento 1904 Nell Origine Hhctrl Non Puo Essere

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