Best Way To Resolve Event Id 1008 Perflib Remoteaccess

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported remote access with event ID 1008 perflib. Likewise, Microsoft-Windows-Perflib error 1008 will be returned if a required DLL is disabled. To resolve this issue, enter lodctr / e: and then press ENTER (replace with the name of the library document). Hope this helped. Download PC Repair Tool to quickly and automatically find and fix Windows errors.

    I recently tried to see the following error in the Windows Server 2012 Event Usage Logs, possibly after I collected Windows Updates.

      protocol name: applicationSource: Microsoft-Windows-PerflibDate: 11.11.2018 14:02:21Event ID: 1008Task Category: NoneLevel: errorKeyword: classicExplanation:Unable to open Remote Access Service in DLL "C: Windows  System32  rasctrs.dll".Performance data for Idea's services will not be available.The first four bytes (DWORD) of the data section contain the error message code.XML events:           1008      0       2     0      0      0x8000000000000000          35760     />      Application      COMP1.TEST.LOCAL                   

    What is Bitsperf DLL used for?

    Bitsperf. dll is considered your own type of Perfmon Counter Access computer file. It is most commonly used in the Microsoft® Windows® operating system developed by Microsoft. It uses the DLL extension and is considered a Win32 DLL (Executable Application) file.

    Remote access C: Windows System32 rasctrs.dll 8 020000000000000000

    There is also a nice similar bug for the BITS service (bitsperf.dll).

    I wanted to get rid of this error and tried to enter the commands below (which are actually mentioned quite often in other forums at the top of these sites). However, they seem to be working.

      C:  Windows  system32  lodctr.exe / RC:  Windows  SysWOW64  lodctr.exe / RC:  Windows  System32  wbem  winmgmt.exe / RESYNCPERFC:  Windows  SysWOW64  wbem  winmgmt.exe / RESYNCPERFlodctr / T: TermService 

    event id 1008 perflib remoteaccess

    I also checked the HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services registry read permissions, but they are exactly the same as other services.

    I also found guidance for users to disable performance counters for the above services. But it seems to me that this doesn’t really solve the error message if it hides it?

    I will also note that the server is often in a closed environment (there is no wide internet access).

    event id 1008 perflib remoteaccess

    Is there anything else I can do to resolve this error?

    What is perflib?

    Description. The Perflib subkey stores layout data for the Windows Productivity Library, which collects and organizes data to support productivity tools such asaka Performance Monitor. In addition to the entries, the Perflib subkey contains a subkey for each spoken language that you configure in Windows 2000.

    This error has occurred on the computer at least once a day for the past several months. I feel like games crash quite often when my computer is plugged into a power outlet. When it crashes, it just freezes because it still takes about 20 minutes to open the program (several Games). When I look at the client event after a failure, I get the error ID 1008 at the same time.

    Failed to open service “WmiApRpl” here in DLL “C: WINDOWS system32 wbem wmiaprpl.dll”. Performance data because this service is not provided. First, the four bytes (DWORD) most commonly associated with the data section contains our error code.

    How do I fix Event ID 1001?

    Reinstall the problematic program Identify the application or computer software causing the Event ID 1001 error and simply uninstall it. Then restart your computer and download new content for the problematic application. If a specific application or program has become corrupted, reinstall it to fix the problem.

    A procedure opened for MSDTC Products and Services in “C: WINDOWS system32 msdtcuiu dll.DLL” failed. The performance files for the service will not be available.

    Unable to open LSA media in DLL C: Windows System32 Secur32.dll. There is no data on the performance of the service, it will not be available.

    Could not open procedure for DLL services “ESENT” in “C: WINDOWS system32 esentprf.dll “. Service performance details that should not be available. Open

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    Failed to execute “BITS” procedure in DLL “C: Windows System32 bitsperf.dll”. Performance information is not available for this service.

    I tried to solve this problem using information available on the internet. Most of them are out of date and therefore could not fix the problem. Please help us solve this problem.

    Correcting event log errors in combination withCustomer alerts. I am including a solution to this question as soon as possible. v The client is Windows 10 Anniversary Enterprise Update (10.0.14393.) Build 14393) and Server 2012 R2 (domain 2003) level.

    Protocol name: Appendix
    Source: Microsoft-Windows-Perflib
    Date: 31.10.2016, 08:31:43
    Event ID: 1008
    Task category: none
    Level: Error
    Keywords: classic
    Users: n / a
    Computer: PC test
    Procedure open for expert services “BITS” in DLL “C: Windows System32 bitsperf.dll” flaw. Performance data for this service will not and will not be available. vThe first four bytes (DWORD) of the data section contain the error code.

    Question 1. Is this error related to Group Policy (GPO)?
    Question 2: How can I fix your error on Windows 10?

    thanks in advance

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