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This guide is intended to help you when you receive an error 633 error.

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    Error 633: The modem (or similar communication device) is already connected or configured incorrectly. This error can occur if the port used by the Notification Modem (COM) is reserved by another software policy when there are multiple Internet connections.

    This article provides a solution to an issue where you can’t establish a VPN connection due to a TCP location conflict.


    When you try to use a Primary Private Network (VPN) connection on a computer with the latestIn Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you may receive the following block message>

    Error error:


    This issue can occur if the TCP slot used by the VPN connection is already in use by another program. The VPN connection is running on TCP port 1723, completely set up a new connection. If another program is currently using this port, you will not be able to establish a full VPN connection.


    As a workaround, use one of the following methods:

  • Reserve for an explicit TCP port, which in turn is used for the VPN connection. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click start, select run, type regedit.exe in the box then open, just click ok.
    2. In the Registry Editor, locate and click the following subkey: Laptop or Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParameters
    3. In the “Edit” menu, select “New” and click “Multiline Value”.this
    4. Rename the multivalued string to “ReservedPorts” insteadThen double-click “ReservedPorts”.
    5. In 1723-1723, enter the data packet value, then click OK.
    6. Exit Registry Editor.
  • Use the netstat command to find out which utility Dock 1723 is using. You then end the process to schedule it. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Click them in the start menu, click Run, cmd option. Open in exe window, then click OK.

    2. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
      netstat -aon

    3. In the displayed output, determine the process ID for the program, if any, one that uses TCP port 1723.

    4. At the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter:
      taskkill /PID PID Taskkill /f


      The command kills the process corresponding to the selected process ID. /F The parameter is intended for forced termination of the process. Option

    5. At the command prompt, type exit, and then press ENTER to exit the command prompt.

  • Restart your computer. This may lead tosame program using 1723, tcp port will use different port.
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  • This article contains information about modifying the registry. Converting Before the registry, be sure to send it back and make sure you understand how to restore the registry if something goes wrong. About backing up, extending, restoring, and editing the registry To view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, go to the following article number:
    256986 Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry

    error 633

    Incorrect use of the Registry Editor can lead to serious problems that usually require you to reinstall your own operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you will be able to solve problems that usually occur due to improper use of the Registry Editor. Use the Registry Editor at your own risk. Taskkill

    The command kills the process whose identity matches the process number. The parameter is used by /f to force stop Process. Accept

    error 633

    Your family has already tried restarting the computer. Have you tried this:

    Use the netstat command to have the 1723 field programmatically used. End the following process for a device that does. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, Run, select type cmd.exe in the Open box, and then just click OK.
    2. In the command line, type the basic command below and click ENTER key:

      netstat -aon

    3. The displayed output necessarily identifies the process ID. Because the program, if any, uses TCP port 1723.
    4. At the command prompt, type the following command, then ENTER:

      taskkill, type /PID PID /F

      The taskkill command kills a process that, according to experts, is the “Process ID. The /F option is used to forcibly exit a process.

    5. On the command line, type a exit, also press ENTER quit on the command line.

    Are you a sensitive person whose VPN user suddenly realizes “Error 633: The modem is alreadyused or misdesigned” on your Windows 10?

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    This may be due to a well-established update for your 10, windows another program using the VPN port, or outdated modem drivers.

    How do I fix modem or other connecting device has reported an error?

    Method: 1 Remove the modem, but reinstall it.Method 2: Reset TCP/IP.3Method: You install the latest modem driver.Update driver, hardware if not working properly.1

    At Bobcares, we offer 100% White Label technology to support VPN providers. Error 633 Windows in 10 is one of the latest issues we helped troubleshoot and resolve.

    Keep reading to learn more about why this error occurs and how every VPN engineer fixes it for VPN users.

    Why This VPN Error In 633 Windows 10?

    How do I fix Error 633?

    Solution: install all unnecessary programs for Internet devices.Workaround: 2 Turn off your his.operator’s connection, and then turn it back on.Solution: 3 Update network card drivers.Solution 4 – Uninstall reinstall) (then all network adapters.

    • Another program is already using 1723, a plugin commonly used by vpn programs. Creator
    • Deprecated update…
    • modem drivers.

    Fix VPN 633 When Plug-in 1723 Is In Use

    1 more

    Recently a VPN user contacted us with an error about VPN 633. Here’s how we helped him:

    We helped the client himself by identifying the exact program running on port 1723 using:

    This gave us a Job ID and we asked our buyer to match it to:


    our engineers slThe help of VPN support helped him to book a VPN connection with milestones.

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