Tips To Fix Archlinux Error 17

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    Sometimes your system may display an archlinux 17 error message. This error can have various causes.

    I guess I would consider myself an advanced IE8 user who recently read the Lifehacker document explaining Arch and picked when it sounds perfect.

    In the background, I have a Lenovo X201t with better Windows logic and I installed Ubuntu on a 32GB Mushkin flash drive. I partitioned it with a very FAT32 partition like sdb1, Linux partition like sdb2 and mods like sdb3 so that I can use 3GB as a typical car flash drive on Windows machines, but can also run Linux for my laptop instead of dual downloads (I’ve had problems that have worked in the past). I would really like to move the config to Arch, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

    error 17 archlinux

    For this reason, I tried to create a partition and install it using GParted, but I got a new Grub 17 error on first boot.

    root filesystem (hd1,1)
    unknown dog breed, partition type 0x7
    kernel / boot / vmlinux-linux root = / dev / sdb2 ro

    error 17 archlinux

    Then I fixed the error and found the Grub wiki article which says that using gparted can disable the Grub command to be sure it was (hd1,1). fdisk for any of us reported bugs.

    I tried to reinstall the live CD with score editor. No cubes. So

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    I used to reinstall with UUID of some device names. The same mistake.

    At the time, I was using the grub edition and just changed root to (hd0,1) and it also started to boot up a bit, although then I use an emergency shell with the message sh: can’t access tty; Task management disabled

    I’ve looked at the wiki text about installing to USB, but it doesn’t do what I want with a 3GB display. I haven’t changed any settings excessively (I added fstab to a small host hard drive), I just went through a beginner’s tutorial. I am alone on a virtual PC, still building all the bootloader and sdb I need. I am really capable and have tried everything that came into my head. Thank you in advance.

    Hi, this is my first time using Linux. I used to use Ubuntu and everything was fine but asked to try Arch.

    I currently have 2 hard drives, one for Win7 and one for Arch. I tried to install Arch on a second hard drive, sdb, and followed the beginner’s guide. Everything is going well until the first commissioning. When I come in for the first time, I get “weird filesystem, enter partition type 0x7.” 17: Unable to mount the selected partition, error. “.

    When I go to the terminal by pressing ‘c’, I type: “grub> root” and then it tells me that the source was (hd0,0), which I am convinced was Windows, so, if I remember it was said in some of the /boot/grub/menu.lst files. Now on the menu. He first tells me that (hd1, 0) is the main one for Arch Linux. What can I do to resolve this root cause of the problem?

    Oddly enough, in ‘e’ I ended up in the grub menu and changed (hd1,0) so that you can boot (hd0,0) and hence from there. It shouldn’t have worked … I look at menu.lst and it just says Linux really should be (hd1,0) and only Windows (hd0,0). I don’t know what else can be done to fix this problem. I don’t want (hd1,0) – (hd0,0) to be edited every time I want to log into Arch. Stop?

    Next problem. I am not competent to create a network of connections. I’m pretty sure I’m using the Real controllertek Ethernet. I was aware of this unique issue, but I don’t know how to fix it. How can I clarify this?

    Regarding the networking problem, dmesg | grep r8169 shows eth0 is available, “eth0: link down”

    The / boot script has been fixed. The only problem with leftovers is the ugly problem

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