How To Fix This Epson 3 Status Monitor Has Stopped Working

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    If you get the error “epson status monitor 3 has stopped working” on your computer, take a look at these troubleshooting ideas. If EPSON Status Monitor 3 is not running, go to the printer switch, click the Maintenance tab, and then click the Advanced Settings button. In the Advanced Settings window, select the Enable EPSON Status Monitor 3 check box.

    Subroutines in the status menu “Communication error has occurred”. The information is important and does not correspond to the actual state of the printer. Printers distributed by

    because What to do?
    The printer is ejected. Make sure the power cord is securely plugged into an electrical outlet. Turn on the printer.
    The model performs a self-test and initializes. Turn off the printer to reset the self-test, then turn it back on. Wait for the printer to complete initialization.

    it is not ready to print now.

    prepare the printer for printing. For details, see the user guide for your printer.

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    EPSON Status Monitor 3 starts up the trailer printer at regular intervals.

    Just wait while EPSON MonitorStatus 3 will not check the actual printer next time.

    NetWare printers simply cannot be controlled.
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    How do I turn on my Epson Status Monitor?

    To access EPSON Status Monitor 3 from your application, click Print Total or Page Setup from the File menu, click Properties, then click the EPSON Status Monitor 3 Utility tab.

    You are using EpsonNet WinAssist.

    You cannot access EPSON Status Monitor 3 and EpsonNet At winassist at the same time. Exit EpsonNet WinAssist and EPSON uses Status Monitor 3. If you are using EpsonNet WinAssist, exit EPSON Status Monitor First 3.

    You can only monitor NetWare printers in Remote Printer if the assigned printer port number is 0.
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    This is installed inside EPSON Status Monitor 3.

    Use NetWare management product to set the port number to 0.

    NDS printers cannot be monitored.
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    They cannot be found with NovellClient.

    Use the Novell IntranetWare client if you are using Windows under NT. If you are using Windows 95, use Novell IntranetWare Client 32.

    Processing will fail and NetWare monitoring will not be enabled if the Allow management of shared printer option is selected, since Windows shared printers prior to Windows NT 4.0 are monitored.
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    There is a known bug in the operating system.

    Install Huge Service Pack 2 or earlier to monitor shared Windows printing devices on Windows NT 4.0.

    Specification created by EPSON Status Monitor 3.

    In Control Panel, double-click Services and stop this particular EPSON Printer Status Agent service. Restart the EPSON Status 3 Monitor, so restart the service. This method must be repeated each time you log on to Windows NT 4.0. Colspan = “2”>window

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    This is installed inside EPSON Status Monitor 3.

    Right-click My Network Places and select Properties. Make sure File and Printer for Microsoft Networks appears in the list of installed components.

    Check how many times EPSON Status Monitor 3 has been installed on the computer that hosts this Windows shared printer, and make sure the Allow monitoring of shared devices check box is selected in our Monitoring Settings dialog box.

    In 98/95, IPX / SPX compliant protocols cannot be configured in the Network Operations Center as well as in the network module.

    How do I turn on Epson 3 monitor status?

    Right-click the icon for your printer, select Printer Properties (Windows 7) or Properties (Windows Vista, XP, and 2000), and then click the Utility tab. Click the “Monitoring Settings” button. The “Monitoring Settings” dialog box appears. Displays the power-on status / youTurning on the checkbox of the error element.

    EPSON Status Monitor 3 allows you to monitor the status of your printer, notifies you of the location of print errors, and provides minute-by-minute troubleshooting instructions.

    EPSON Status Monitor 3 is available when:

    The printer connects directly to all host computers through the appropriate [LPT1] port or USB port.

    You plan to maintain two-way communication.

    epson status monitor 3 has stopped working

    EPSON Status Monitor 3 will be installed if the printer is directly connected, as well as the printer driver as described in Getting Started Here or in the Setup Guide. When sharing this specific printer, make sure EPSON Status Monitor 3 is set up so that the shared printer can be monitored on your print server and clients. See Setting up EPSON Status Monitor and Setting Up the Network Printing Guide.

    epson status monitor 3 has stopped working


    Although you can use the Remote Desktop * feature in Windows 7, Vista or XP to print to a printer directly connected to our remote computer, communication errors may occur.

    Does Epson Status Monitor need to run at startup?

    There is no need to launch this program automatically because you can use it anytime. It is recommended to disable this or that program so that it does not consume the required resources.

    * Remote Desktop Feature: A feature that often allows a user to access products or files on a participating computer on the office network from a specific computer on the network.