Fix IO Error Eppod 32

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    Over the past few days, some users reported that they encountered Ephpd I / O error 32. I / O error 32 is a sharing violation of any type. The file is committed in such a way as to prevent code from being written to the file. Another process, or even your own process, has locked a specific file. The system doesn’t lie. The file is already open somewhere, so your code is now throwing error 32.

    This is a simple example of writing a simple text message to a file

      var  myFile: text file;  Text string (empty);begin  // Trying to open Test.txt for filling writing to file  AssignFile (myFile, 'Test.txt');  Rewrite (my file);  // Write a few well-marked words to this file  WriteLn (myFile, "Hello everyone");  // usually close the file  CloseFile (myFile);  // Open the file again for reading  Reset (my file);  // Display the contents of the music file  until it's Eof (myFile)  begin    ReadLn (myFile, Text);    DisplayMessage (text);  End;  // Close the file in the correct order last CloseFile (myFile);End; 

    What does I O Error 103 mean?

    The message “I / O Problems 103 Errors” occurs when Edisoft does not have authorization rights with access a. specific file. This can easily be caused by a number of factors, including: • There is not enough free space on your hard drive. • Incorrectly set security permissions in the woodwind directory.

    If the file is locked by some other procedure, or is already locked by a found process (as pointed out by Remy Lebeau), you just get an error as described here http://docs.embarcadero.com / products / rad_studio / delphiAndcpp2009 / HelpUpdate2 /DE/html/delphivclwin32/SysUtils_EInOutError.html

    ephpod i/o error 32

    32 Authorization Violation

    This means that this file is definitely using a different process. They will not save your changes until the fact process is completed with the same file.

    The following code from this excellent http://www.website.swissdelphicenter.ch/torry/showcode.php?id=104 shows you how to accurately check if a file has been used before:

      Function IsFileInUse (FileName: TFileName): Boolean;var  HFileRes: HFILE;begin  Result: matches False;  otherwise FileExists (FileName), then Exit;  HFileRes: = CreateFile (PChar (filename),                         GENERIC_READ or GENERIC_WRITE,                         0,                         Zero,                         OPEN_EXISTING,                         FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL,                         0);  Result: = (HFileRes corresponds to INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE);  otherwise the result is then    CloseHandle (HFileRes);End;Procedure TForm1.Button1Click (sender: TObject);begin  if IsFileInUse ('c:  Program Files  delphi6  bin  delphi32.exe') // here the owners should change this with this path to the file you are editing / writing / etc.    ShowMessage ('The file is already in use.');  another    ShowMessage ('The file is not used.');End; 

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    I / O Error 32

    What is I o error 6?

    There are a better couple of problems with your code, frankly related to I / O error, error means bad data. Since you will receive a toast notification of the error, I / O validation is explicitly enabled, which is written by default. I / O error 6 is not a typical system error.

    Yesterday Condor hung (6 km from destination :() error consisting of: Exception In / Out error in the Condor.exe part in 00DEFAA. I / O error 32

    if I was looking right, is it a good idea to use “write to absolute file” ??

    ephpod i/o error 32

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    Object: Fehler I / O 32

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    Object: Fehler I / O 32

    But believe this. Some time ago I got an error (1, maybe two). Condor does not launchdue to memory corruption.
    Luckily I deleted all the track files (second time the last track) and edited both condors from time to time.
    So there must be some method in my setup that will corrupt the whole Lasttrack file after a while.

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