Easy Way To Fix DivX Codec Issues Without Sound And AVI

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    DivX will be a trademark of video codecs developed by DivX, LLC. There are three DivX codecs: OEM MPEG-4 Part 2 DivX Codec, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX Plus HD Codec, and High Efficiency Video Coding DivX HEVC Ultra HD Codec. The latest version of the codec is version 6.9.

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    Can DivX play AVI files?

    Personal AVI files can contain various types of online video and audio streams, and thanks to DivX video storage technology, they can display incredible movie quality while keeping the file size small. AVI and DIVX videos play on all DivX certified devices, from commercially available in-car devices to TVs.

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    Updated: ASR Pro

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    divx codec no sound avi

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  • divx codec no sound avi


    I recently downloaded some of their DivX AVI files from the Internet. When I opened the original file, there was no sound, but your real image is of excellent quality. I found that it might be a bug in this particular file, so I installed other DivX AVI files.
    The same ugly problem reappeared! Keep a moving picture but no sound! All my friends were getting 2nd quality audio from their computers, but I wasn’t supposed to.
    I currently have a divx 4.11 codec, “playa” which always comes with the divx codec, and wmp 7.1

    anyone can help?

  • You probably don’t have the correct CD codec. DivX is a codec for video playback, so that’s fine, but the CD is encoded using several other methods, such asfor which your home computer probably doesn’t have a decoder.
    Try some of the Nimo codec packs (if families are using It’s XP, it’s recommended to do a repair first…) and remove any spyware immediately after installation.


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    Why audio is not playing in video?

    Lack of sound in videos on Android is undoubtedly one of the most common questions that users ask. Several factors can lead to this problem in many cases. If your favorite Android device is lagging behind on individual codecs, you can deal with this component. A faulty media player application for a corrupted file is likely to contribute to this issue.

    Originally posted by Lawrence

    I recently downloaded new DivX AVI files from the Internet. When I opened the track, there was no sound, but the script was in excellent quality, downloaded other avi files divx.
    The same old failure happened again! Good animated picture, but almost no sound! All my other friends went to 2 to listen to the sound of their computer, but I didn’t.
    I recently got a divx 4.11 codec, “la playa”, exactly what comes with the divx codec, and wmp 7.1
    can anyone help me?

    You can install codec packs… experiment with your system and see what you miss and then install it.


  • I recently downloaded DivX Avi files from the Internet. When I discovered the computer file, it didn’t have sound quality, but the picture was top notch. I thought maybe it’s a good mistake in this particular file so I uploaded other avi files, divx files.
    The old problem is back! The picture is good, but the sound is not! All your other friends, unlike me, received 2 tones from their PC.
    I currently have a divx 4.11 codec, “playa” which contains this divx codec and wmp 7.1

    anyone can help?

    You are probably missing the right new music codec. DivX is a video codec, so that’s fine, but audio is usually encoded in other ways that your computer system probably doesn’t have a decoder for.
    Try the Nimo codec pack (if you are using XP, it is recommended to create a restore point beforehand) …) and filter out all spyware after installation.


    Does AVI files have sound?

    Songs in AVI format can contain both audio data and training data in a file package.container, which allows synchronous playback of audio with video. Similar to the specific DVD-Video format, AVI files handle multiple audio and video streams, and these features are mostly rarely used. These files are maintained by Microsoft and informally referred to as “AVI 2.0”.

    Originally posted by Lawrence

    I recently purchased DivX Avi parts online. When I opened the whole file, there was no sound, but the picture was somehow amazing. I thought maybe it was a bug in that particular file, so we all uploaded other avi divx files.

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    Divx Codec Inget Ljud Avi