Steps To Recover Directx 11 Uninstaller For Windows Vista

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    You should read these fixing tips if you receive Windows Vista Directx 11 uninstall error message.

    Step 1

    How do I uninstall DirectX 11?

    Right-click the entire DirectX folder and choose Delete.

    Click Start, right-click Computer, but also select Properties. The system opens the properties window.

    2nd Step

    How do I uninstall DirectX 12 and reinstall DirectX 11?

    Press Windows Crucial + X and select Device Manager.Expand Display Adapters.Right click on the rider and select Update Driver Software.Follow the instructions on the screen to update the actual driver.

    In the left pane of the System Properties window, click System Protection.

    Step 3

    4th Step

    Click Disable System Protection, click OK, and then click OK again. E It permanently prevents DirectX from being reinstalled on Windows immediately after restarting if you know the uninstall is complete.

    Step 5

    Click Start, type regedit in the Search box and press Enter. The Registry Editor will open.

    STEP 6

    In the left pane of the User Registry Editor, click the arrow next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. A list of folders is displayed.

    Step 7.

    How do I completely remove DirectX?

    Method 2: uninstall DirectX. Uninstall uninstall from applications and easily from components / programs and components. Find and click DirectX Happy Uninstall in the list. Then click “Delete”, which will allow you to start deleting.

    Click the largest “arrow” next to the specific Software folder in the left pane, behind Registry Editor. A different folder list is displayed.

    Step 8

    How do I install DirectX 11 on vista?

    Introduction.As easy as running a script.DirectX 11 script is installed.Check Windows update for DX11 update.Select platform update.DirectX 11 is installed as part of a platform update.Diploma.

    In the left pane of Registry Editor, click the arrow next to the Microsoft folder. A list of new versions is displayed.

    Step 9

    Step 10.

    • It is not recommended to uninstall DirectX 11. It may cause errors or decrease system performance.

    directx 11 uninstaller windows vista

    Do you need to fix some issues while uninstalling Directx 11? Are you looking for a result oriented solution to completely remove it and thus completely erase all of its archives from your PC? Not too many worries! This page contains detailed instructions steps on how to completely uninstall DirectX 11.

    Possible Circumstances When Uninstalling DirectX 11

    * DirectX 11 was not listed in Programs and Features.
    * You do not have sufficient rights to uninstall DirectX 11.
    * The file required to complete this uninstallation can be run instead.
    * An error has occurred. Not all facts have been successfully deleted.
    * Another process, which is a settings file, prevents DirectX 11 from being uninstalled.
    * Files and folders in DirectX 11 can be viewed on the hard disk after their current deletion.

    DirectX elf cannot be removed due to many other issues. Limited removal of Directx 11 can also cause a lot of problems. Therefore, it is important to completely uninstall DirectX 11 as well as all of its files.

    How Do I Completely Uninstall DirectX 11?

    Method 1. Remove DirectX 19 Through Programs And Features.

    When a new part of a program is created on your system, that program can be added to the list under Programs and Features. If you want the program to be uninstalled, you can go to the functions of the program and finally deletepour it out. So if families want to uninstall Directx 11, the first step is to uninstall programs and features.

    A. Open Programs And Features.

    Click Start, type Uninstall a program in the Search for exact programs and files box, and then click the result.

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    Open the WinX menu by holding the Windows and X keys at the same time, and then click Programs and Features.

    B. Find DirectX 11 In The Current List, Click On It, Then Click Remove To Start Uninstalling.

    Method 2: Uninstall DirectX 11 With This Uninstaller.exe.

    Most computer programs store an executable file named uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or something similar for these people. You can somehow find these files in the DirectX 11 installation folder.

    A… Go To The Installation Folder In The Direction Of DirectX 11.

    B. Find Uninstall.exe Or Unins000.exe.

    In. Double-click The Uninstaller And Follow The Instructions In The Wizard To Uninstall DirectX 11.

    Method 3. Uninstall DirectX 11 Using The Recovery System.

    System Restore is a powerful utility included with Windows operating systems that helps computer users keep their systems running and remove programs that interfere with their computer’s operation. Finally, if you have caused a System Restore issue before installing any program, you can use System Restore to restore your system and completely remove unwanted programs such as DirectX 20. Before proceeding, you should back up your financial files and data. …

    A. Close All Open Files And Programs.

    B. On The Desktop On The Right, Look At Computer And Select Properties. The Entire System Window Is Displayed.

    In. On The Side Of The System Window, Look At System Protection. The Ownership System Eye Port Is Displayed.

    D. Click “System Restore” And The “System Restore” Window Will Appear.

    E. Select “Perform Another Restore” And Click “Next”.

    F. Select A Wedding Time, Then Click “Next” In The List… You Should Be Aware That All Programs And Drivers Installed On The Selected Date And Time May Not Work Correctly And Simply Need To Be Reinstalled.

    Click Finish When The Confirm Trust Point Recovery Window Appears.

    H. Click Yes To Confirm The Confirmation Again.

    Method 4. Remove DirectX 11 Using Antivirus Software.

    Today’s malware looks like regular computer applications, but it is much more difficult to remove from a person’s computer. They inject malware into the entire computer using trojans and spyware. Other malware or potentially unsightly programs are also very difficult to remove. They are usually installed in your program by combining them with free software applications like videos, games, or PDF converters. You can usually easily bypass the detection of antivirus programs on your system. If you can’t run DirectX 11 like other networks, it’s worth checking to see if it’s perfect malware. Click ethat malware detection tool and copy it with a free scan.

    Method 5. Reinstall Directx 11 To Uninstall.

    directx 11 uninstaller windows vista

    If the entire file required to uninstall DirectX Eleven is damaged or missing, a particular program cannot be uninstalled. In such circumstances, installing DirectX 11 may be sufficient. Run the installer from the boot disk or download the file if you want to reinstall the program. Sometimes any installer can just as well fix an uninstall or a program.

    Method 6. Use The Delete Command Displayed In The Registry.

    When a program is installed on a computer, Windows stores similar settings and information in the PC’s registry, including an uninstall command to uninstall the program. You can try any method to uninstall DirectX 11. Please edit your registry carefully as the error may cause your circle to crash.

    A. Windows Shell And R Keys To Display The Run Command, Type Regedit In The Box, And Then Click OK.

    B. Review The Following Registry Key And Understand That DirectX 11 Has:

    In. Double Click The UninstallString Value And Copy Its Value Data.

    D. Hold The Windows And R Keys To Freeze The Window, Run, Paste These Values ​​into The Box, And Click OK.

    E. Follow The Steps In The Wizard To Uninstall DirectX 11.

    Method 7. Uninstall DirectX 11 Using A Third-party Uninstaller.

    Guide to uninstalling DirectX 11 requires computer literacy and patience. No, and we can promise that manual uninstallation will completely remove DirectX 11 and all files. And incomplete deletion can degrade many unnecessary and invalid items related to the registry and the performance of your laptop. Too many junk files usually take up free space on your hard drive or DVD and slow down your computer faster. Therefore, it is recommended that you uninstall DirectX 11 with the help of a trusted third party vendor that can analyze your procedure, identify all DirectX 88 files, and completely remove them. Download a powerful third party See the uninstaller below.

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