You Should Get Rid Of Dell Error 3100cn 004-321 Issues

This guide was written to help you if you receive Dell error 3100cn 004-321.

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    1. Error 004-321 on Dell 3000cn / 3010cn / 3100cn Laser Printers

    Error 004-321 On Dell Laser Printer 3000cn / 3010cn / 3100cn

    1. Turn off the printer using the dedicated power switch on the left and unplug the power cord.
    2. Remove the cartridge from the imaging drum and check for damage. If damage is found, physically contact Dell Technical Support for further guidance.
    3. Move the silver square. only the upper and lower foam on the drum cartridge.
    4. Normally set the drum so that the blue drum is neat and facing up.
    5. Place your thumbs next to the blue drum and roll the blue drum to move the square on this special belt right under the space age moss at the top.

    6. Clear the Intermediate Transfer Belt (IBT) Rotation Warning and make sure it never looses. If the sensor is completely free,contact Dell Technical Support for more information.

    7. Reinstall the image drum cartridge, and then close the top and front covers.
    8. Reconnect the power cord

    9. , turn on the printer, and keep checking if the error still occurs.
    10. If the error persists, run the IBT rotary encoder diagnostics:
      dell 3100cn 004-321 error

      -> Turn the printer off frequently with the on / off switch when the left side of the printer is completely off.

      -> Hold this key up and down while turning on the printer. Release the control buttons when the “Client Mode” message appears on the printer-specific LCD screen.

      -> Press in any direction until the IOT DIAG arrow appears, then press Select.

      -> Numeric input appears, press Select.

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      -> An up-right arrow DI-42 displays, then press Select. Printer LCD displays DI-42 L 0.

      dell 3100cn 004-321 error

      -> Remove the image drum and move a piece of reflective material such as silver paper, a mirror, and a CD onto the IBT rotation sensor. (Figure 2). Numberon the LCD screen should increase by one each time reflective material is applied to the sensor.

      -> If the number does not increase from zero, contact Dell Technical Support for further advice.

      -> Press to cancel to cancel the testing process, then press Menu to exit the digital input menu.

    11. 10While the printer is still in client mode, run diagnostics for each motor:

      Photoreceptor -> Press the appropriate down arrow until you feel Digital Output, and then press Select.

      -> Press the down arrow until you see DO-70, then press Select. Engine noise should be heard on the left side of the unit. When engine noise is definitely heard, replace the photo motor receiver.

      -> Click Cancel to prevent verification.

      -> Reinsert the drum cartridge and close the covers and front cover.

      -> If DO-70 is still displayed on the printer LCD, click Select Run to re-evaluate. A motor sound should be heard to the left of the printer. If you cannot hear sound engine, contact Dell Technical Support for more information.

      -> Click Cancel to exit the quiz, then click Menu to exit the menu.

      -> Turn off the printer, then resume normal operation.

    12. Switch to a drum cartridge with good image resolution known from Laser Control 3000cn, 3010cn, 3100cn if a printer is available.

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