Solutions For DB2 Error Sqlcode = -964 Sqlstate = 57011

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    Here are some easy ways to fix db2 sqlcode = -964 sqlstate = 57011 error.

    I got this error while running performance tests on a large system using DB2. This is really a common lack of intuition that IBM loves to give to Internet users 🠙 ‚
    In simple terms, this means a lot of “Directory transaction log is full.” »
    This appears when you need to perform UPDATE operations or perhaps INSERT operations that contain a large amount of data. If you cannot abort the operation in small aggregate blocks, the alternative is to increase the size of the transaction log.

    so 4.db2inst1
    db2 for MMS connection
    db2 gets database configuration for MMS | grep -i logfilsiz

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    My database operating system user is db2inst1, this is just an MMS database. If you don’t know the directory name, or you have more of them than anyone else, you can get the database url using:

    . find

    see below. ... db2inst1
    db2 list db directory

    Usually the size is usually 1024. From now on you can start with that and maybe double it. Don’t make a log file It is the same size as any other questions you might be interested in.

    db2 UPDATE db cfg to receive MMS with LOGFILSIZ 8000

    I have tried a very large insert query in DB2.INSERT INTO MY_TABLE_COPY (SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE);

      DB21034E The command processed was an SQL statement because it was not a type. It wasa valid command from the command line processor. The following data was returned during SQL processing:Sql0964c the database transaction log is full. sqlstate = 57011sql0964c The database transaction log is usually full.Explanation:The entire space in the purchase journal is used. Using a circular log with a second set of log files is amazing.An attempt has been made to name and use them. Time fileIn the system forout of file storage, secondary logs cannot be used. If the archive log is in fact in use, the file system has nospace contains a new log file of any type. The application could not be processed.User response:When you receive this email, run COMMIT a or ROLLBACK (SQLCODE)or repeat the process. When the database is modified by competing applications,Repeat this. Log space can be reclaimed if anotherThe application completes any type of transaction. Other problems with persistent commit operations. When a man dealswithout obligation, magazine space may become available for purchasethey must. When developing your application, consider when yourenovation operations are currently underway to prevent overflow of firewood. In many cases, when blockages occur, look further.This can be achieved by reducing the layout of the database.DLCHKTIME parameter. It detects blockagesand resolves faster (with ROLLBACK), which is reported completely free of chargeA place. If you indicated that this is a normal event, increasedata sourceConfiguration options to enable a larger log file. Larger document requiredMore storage space for files, but not enough for appsRepeat the process. If you have a sample database, drop it and even install the database.repetition. SQL code: -964 sqlstate: 57011 

    requested November 30, 2012 at 5:09 PM


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    db2 error sqlcode=-964 sqlstate=57011

    I have used all the maximum values ​​for LOGFILSIZ, LOGPRIMARY and therefore LOGSECOND;The maximum LOGFILSIZ will probably be different for Windows, Linux, etc. But you can tryHave a surprisingly large number and activate the database so you know what it is all about. In my case it was originally 262144.

    Also + logprimary LOGSECOND <= 256. I've tried 128 each and everything works for my huge query.

    answered Nov 26 ’12 at 20:21


    db2 error sqlcode=-964 sqlstate=57011

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