Steps To Fix Cp Cannot Delete Read-only File System

Here are some easy-to-follow methods that can help solve the problem cp can’t delete a read-only file system.

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    How do I change a read only file system?

    Open and the windows will jump to the operator you want to change.Right-click the filename and select Properties.select the appropriate tab “General” uncheck and check “Read Only” to uncheck read only, or check “Attachment” to check it.

    I’m trying to delete the rdiff backup folder because there was a problem with the backup and I need to delete it and check the history again. However, when running:

    rm -r -s rdiff-backup-data
    rm: cannot remove file `x': read-only system
    /dev/sdb1 to /media/usbdisk enter ext3
    [[email protected] (rw) v5]# ls /media/usbdiskTotal - 36drwxr-xr-x Root 5 root 4096 March 31, 2010 .drwxrwxrwx Root 4096 15 9 root December 2009..22drwxrwxrwx 4096 501 19 501. Development insuranceDrwx------ Aug 09:04 main 2 root 16384 Mar 30 last year lost+founddrwxr-xr-x Root 8 4096 501 August 19 00:00 officeshare-backup

    Does anyone know what’s going on, how and how to fix this?

    discovered that the drive in /proc/mounts was ro, ran the remount command mentioned below and got this:

    Ext3_abort called. (Device errorext3-fs sda1): force abortMount: ext3_remount: user block device LABEL=USBDISK1 etc.Also write-protected, read-only mountedext3_abort is called.EXT3-fs error (device sda1): ext3_remount: forced abort by user

    cp cannot remove read-only file system

    Language error says: The file system where exactly missing resides is read-only. modify any file system, including deleting files. Maybe

    Check some filesystem mount points in the running df left. This /mnt is almost exactly the same command you ran.

    mount -o remount,rw /mnt

    However, it would be a good idea to first find out why the filesystem was mounted as read-only. This may mean that no one should delete these files.

    How do I change read only filesystem in Linux?

    it depends on the reason for which it is simply viewed.File case 1: The system is usually on a read-write device, but is usually mounted read-only.Workaround: Unmount the filesystem and remount it read/write.2:case documents System are on a device with a physical write-protect switch.explorer

    Run mount | grep /mnt to see what options were used when system escalating that specified file. That the ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem options did not set ro (read-only) but contained errors=remount-ro, it looks like the filesystem was destroyed and automatically remounts to read-only, limit damage; V You can find more information in our own kernel logs. You,

    Note that your command tries to remove the automount point, but unfortunately it’s harmless and you won’t do it anyway.

    For this reason, I encourage you to never chmod use 777. It is considered extremely rare that many of these permissions are actually needed, and they can cause a lot of damage (especially to you if you misspell an argument, but in both cases). If you’re trying to get rid of a file and you’re getting some sort of access denied error, you may need to give yourself permission to make sure you’re writing to the containing directory: it’s definitely chmod -R u +w /path/ to /top level /directory.

    Are you looking for a solution to the exact “Can I remove a system that is not in a read-only directory” error? can We help you to use it.

    Bobcare has addressed many of these Linux removal issues through our server management services for large web hosts and online service providers.


    let’s take a look at their currentHere is the solution to this error.

    How Do We Fix The “rm Cannot Remove Read-only File System” Solution Error

    Can not remove read only file system?

    First, let’s look at the mount point of the filesystem, run in df x. It will probably be /media/usbdisk. Next, we’ll look at the following command to remount your read/write file system as new. this solved a specific problem.

    Recently, one of our customers received an error about deleting a support case only in the following sections.

    rm: Failed to remove 'X': filesystem for reading


     /dev/sdb1 refers to /media/usbdisk of type ext3 (right)

    cp cannot remove read-only file system

    [[email protected]]# mark vii -la /media/usbdisktotal 36drwxr-xr-x 5 most important root 31 4096 March 2010 .drwxrwxrwx looking for root 4096 2006 root Dec 15.39drwxrwxrwx 501 501 19 4096 Development Insurance in AugustDrwx 09:04 – – Root 2 main 16384 March 30, 2010 6 lost+founddrwxr-xr-x Root 501 16 4096. 00:00 Aug officeshare-backup


    The error message ensures that the file system where the type resides is not read-only. There is nothing we can do to change the file system, including deleting files.


    We are looking into what our technicians suggest to resolve this issue.

    First we pay for the file system mount point by running df x. It should probably be /media/usbdisk.

    We then use the following To command, uniquely to moveIntegrate the file system for reading/writing.


    -o remount,rw /mount/point

    However, if you respond to the command specified here with an error, one or more attacks will attack your file system. If you unmount it along with the partition, run and fsck the partition command.

    unmount /dev/sdb1

    /media/usbdiskfsk believe

    However, we need to find out why these resulting files are read-only. This may tell you that you should not delete them.


    Run the la command to find out exactly what options were specified when mounting this file system.

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    Up | grep /media/usbdisk

    If the other ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem didn’t have ro (read-only) enabled, but only error=remount-ro, that means every one of our filesystems got corrupted, and remounting read-only inevitably limits damage. Check the kernel logs for more information.


    See also /var/log/messages /var/log/syslog and for filesystem corruption mount events or .


    additional help forrelated bugs, with Linux? We are here to help your site. ]


    In today’s description, we all saw how our support engineers extract files from the body of a read-only file and eliminate the “rm cannot lose the read-only file system” error message.

    How do you delete a read only file system?

    Find out the directory of the USB key from -Th df.Unmount the USB key using the umount command.Get the following dosfsck check command in addition to restoring the file system.you can then remove the USB drive from the device and reconnect it to its system. Your USB stick should now be writable.

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