How To Easily Fix Debug Compilation = True

Sometimes your computer may display a message stating that compilation is debug = true. This error can be caused by a number of reasons.

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    Scott Guthrie (ASP.NET Movement Team Manager) has an interesting article on this subject.

    Key points you and your family shouldn’t be throwing debug = "true" :

    1. ASP.NET pages take longer to compile (because some optimization settings are disabled)
    2. Code may run slower (because there are many more debug paths included)
    3. The application uses much more memory, most important at runtime.
    4. Scripts and images loaded from the WebResources.axd manager are usually not cached by the browser, some requests in between Clients and Server

    compilation debug= true

    It also describes Retail = “true” / >

    Update. Deploying web applications with debug = "true" is still bad because customers can read Scott in a modern post on Hanselman's blog:

    Here is an explanation why debug = "true" pl Hoy. Seriously, we're not kidding.

    • Overrides require an execution timeout, which is bound to be infinite.
    • Disable page and JIT compiler optimization.
    • In version 1.1 causes excessive memory usage in the CLR to debug content tracking.
    • Disable in 1.1 compilation of the order of the first dynamic pages, which can include 1 assembly per page.
    • Leads to over-embedding of WeakReferences in VB.NET code (used for editing combined with ongoing support).

    Important note: contrary to what we sometimes think, the attitude retail = "true" has never been a direct antidote to including debug = "true"!


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    The debug banner should be set to "not true" in the web.config file unless you really need help debugging your application.

    Running in debug mode can increase the lifespan of your memory, but you probably won't run into a problem as severe as you actually say. However, you need to fix this to correct our effect incorrectly and see if you can see any further improvements. Run

    Spending money works differently in debug mode. The lifetime of a variable extends from actual use to the scope of the variable (for normal display of the value in the debugger). This animates certain items before they are no longer thrown. Compiler

    There is no need to tweak the code when building in debug mode, severalto additional nop statements, so that each line of code contains at least one statement in which a point of opportunity can be placed.

    Launching another takes much longer when debugging. (Usually, however, the code should no longer throw exceptions.)

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    This could definitely hit memory, just look at some of the specific counters and compare the two settings.

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    If your website has a lot of I directories, the io drive in the temp directory will be more affected.

    1. Do you have a lot in common with your App_Code?
    2. Do you want to update the site or maybe publish it?
    3. If yes, is the site updated frequently or is there a preparation process?
    4. What about hardware configuration?

    Web.Debug.Config - debugging enabledWeb Turned.UAT.Config - Whatever your business preferencesWeb.Release.Config - disable debugging

    Using this approach, you can minimize regression configuration problems such as: B. Developers who test their web.config with debug = "true"

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    I had the same problem with ASP.Application networking which was creating images instantly.

    I think you have a problem with uncontrolled resources.

    If the client now provides your ASPX files with code-behind files on the server. In fact, it is compiled once when a request is made to aspx. Then it will definitely be cached as soon as the file changes.

    happy 7 March '09 9:33

    compilation debug= true


    Always set Debug = false on production systems. As the specific flag indicates, it should only be set to true when debugging a new development system.

    This flag has nothing to do with memory fragmentation problem.

    answered May 18 '10 at 21:51


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