How To Fix Command Line Error D2004?

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    Over the past few weeks, a number of readers have reported the d2004 command line error.

    CL d2004 command line error text


     '/ option' usually requires an argument 

    This error message is sent to all files or devices passed to CL.Standard bug. Hence, it is not subject to simple redirection.Command line, such as capturing a manually created file.


    A quoted command line parameter requires this argument.but it was interpreted as if it was not given.

    For CL 13.00.9466 series, the following parameters apply toon the CL command line, but will throw a D2004 error if specified without an important argument:

    / IA, / B1, / B1_5, / B2, / Bl, / Bp1, / Bp2, / Bpl, / Bpx, / Bx, / D, / d1, / d1_5, / d2, / F, / FI, / NS, / H, /I AM, / deputy, / nl, /, / Tc, /TO, / Tr, / U, / V, / vd, / W, / w1, / w2, / w3, / w4, / wd, / weather situation, / or and / Zm

    Since this will oversee coding, / u no argumentsquoted in the body of the post in / D.

    There is some subtlety about how to specify a parameter with no arguments.Pay special attentionNot on this common CL option dot syntax.for general analysis generated by command line tokens regarding parameters, whileArguments. The following paragraphs summarize the criticisms, with two cases giving the impressionat least possible in real use.

    Some list parameters do not allow starting the battle with switching quality (for example, a hyphenone or one slash). When such an option is run on the token command linecontinue with best variable character, then continuation is ignored, optionassumes no argument and D2004 error occurs. For example,someone like that

     cl test.cpp / F-1 

    is plausible in -1, because shortening the value “maximum possible” never happensresolved: all attempts are rejected, not as a consumer argument which is an invalid argument in the solutionbut as with a small argument. (As for the likelihood, try again, but also with/ F, separated by -1 and enclosed in quotes.

    Some) products can be specified as a set of command line tokens , but use your ownOften the next argument. This improves the readability of our command line and makes it easiercreation in Makefiles, for example by saving when pasting macrosintroduces a bright white space. However, the following command line token should be from you,the same command line source code, including the fact that each command section of the file is dependent separately.For example, the command

     cl test.cpp @ test.txt 

    ok if the receiving file contains an insert


    with or without spaces immediately after / I, but completedwith error If d2004, the batch file is almost certainly slightly different

    / I.. inc

    because the collector on one line cannot pipe the instruction file to the next.

    Documentation Status

    In the product documentation it seems, let alone D2004, an error, I think sothat an explanation of the error can only be found in the text of the message.

    Mikulas Kankula


    19 November 2003, 17:37:40 21/11/03

    < p> an

    command line error d2004


    When I was doing the debug mission, I received the following error message 🙁 Why? This is an error related to VS.NET ? I saw a full switch” / I “without a path, also why
    : – (
    The same project is fully functional VS 6.0
    Please help me .


    command line error d2004

    Command lines e
    Create a quick file
    “C: DOCUME ~ 1 miki LOCALS ~ 1 Temp RSP000003.rsp” with content
    / Od / I “.. common src” / I “.. tcl-8.0 generic” / I “.. tk-8.0 generic” / I
    “. . tk-8.0 xlib “/ I” DDK inc “/ D” _WINDOWS “/ D” DEBUG “/ D” WIN32 “/ D
    ” _DEBUG “/ D / D “debug_mem” “NEED_SNPRINTF” / D “SASR” / FD / EHsc / MLd
    / YX “stdafx .h” / Fp “. Debug / rat.pch “/ Fo”. Debug / “/Fd”.Debug/” /EN”.Debug/ “
    / W3 / c / ZI ../ common / I ../common / I ../common / I ../ common / I
    ../gemeinsam / I ../gemeinsam / I ../gemeinsam / I ../gemeinsam / I .. / gemeinsam / I
    ../gemeinsam / I ../gemeinsam / I ../common / I
    Command label “cl.exe … create @C: DOCUME ~ 1 miki LOCALS ~ 1 Temp RSP000003.rsp
    / nologo “

    output window
    compile …
    cl: command error 2nd line: d2004 ‘/ I’ requires an argument

    Nick Savoyu


    November 21, 2003, 08:05:31 PM 11/21/03


    Looks like you are missing a problem for the last In / i on that command line.

    You should also figure out why you are “/ I ../ ordinary”. …

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    “Mikulas Kankula” < kan … @ > posted in his message
    news: eROlI3Es … @ tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl …

    James Curran


    21. 10:21:33 November 2003, 21.11.03.


    “Nick Savoy “ in the news
    news: untFtLGs … @ TK2MSFTNGP12.phx.gbl …

    > You might want to be checking too, why do you have that nowto a lot “/ I ../common”.

    I bet the original was something like:
    / I “..Files / Library1”
    / common / I “../Common Files / Library2”
    Zoll /i../Common Files / Library3 “

    Mikulas Kankula

    When debugging a project, I get the following error message 🙁 Why? This is an error
    VS.NET ? I’ve seen a lot of “/ I” options without a path argument, so why
    This same project is running VS 6.0
    Please help me.

    Command lines
    Create a temporary file
    “C: DOCUME ~ 1 miki LOCALS ~ 1 Temp RSP000003.rsp” with the content
    / Od / I “.. common src “/ I” .. tcl-8.0 generic “/ I” .. tk-8.0 generic “/ I
    ” .. tk-8.0 xlib “/ I” DDK inc “/ D” _WINDOWS “/ D” DEBUG “/ D” WIN32 “/ D
    ” _DEBUG “/ D / D” debug_mem “” NEED_SNPRINTF “/ D” SASR “/ FD / EHsc / MLd
    / YX “stdafx.h” /Fp”.Debug/rat.pch “/Fo”.Debug/” /Fd”.Debug/ “/EN”.Debug/”
    / W3 / c / ZI / I ../common / I
    ../common / I ../common / I ../common / I
    main_control.c codec_compat .c

    Create command line “cl.exe @C: DOCUME ~ 1 miki LOCALS ~ 1 Temp RSP000003.rsp
    / nologo”

    Output window
    compiling …
    cl: Command line error D2004: query argument ‘/ I’ to

    Nick Savoyu

    The to argument appears to be missing Matches the previous / I on the
    command line.

    You should also understand why you have so many “/ I ../common”.

    James Curran

    I bet it was originally something like:
    / I “..Files / Library1”
    / common / I “../Common Files / Library2”
    “/ i. ./ Shared Files / Library3 “

    > You can also find out why you have so many “/ I ../common”.

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