What Is Clean Print Spooler Utility And How To Fix It?

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    Over the past week, a number of readers have reported that they have stumbled upon the Clean Print Spooler utility. Click Start.In the cmd model search bar, right click and run through admin.In the cmd field, type end stop spooler and press Enter.Open data explorer.Go to C: windows system32 spool printers folder.This folder will most likely contain all locked image jobs.

    Symptoms: When I need to print a document, it won’t print and gets stuck in the publish queue.

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    Find out how theprint queue: when a previous print job gets stuck in the update queue manager for some reason and you are still trying to print it. It will not be printed until my previous print order has been completed. Once the print job is printed, the most important print job automatically disappears and then moves on to the next part of the print job.

    clean print spooler utility

    Now the question is, why delete the print pool row manually? unless it automatically becomes crystal clear.


    How To Clear The Print Queue In Windows

    How do I clean my print spooler?

    On the host, I would say the Run window opens because the Windows logo is pressed Important + R.In the Run window, enter Products and Services.Scroll down to Print Spooler.Right Breeze Print Spooler and select Stop.As for C: Windows System32 spool PRINTERS, view and delete all files in the folder.

    The only software you buy to solve this problem is manually flushing the print spooler line. There are four ways to do this. We have listed all the possible methods here. Generally, follow the instructions below and learn how to force the deletion of slots.

    The following steps are for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Basically, do the same essential steps well for Windows Server. This works if you have Canon, HP, Brother, Dell, Epson, Samsung printers.

    Fix 1:queue To Cancel Creation Through The Print Job Manager.

    Double-click the printer icon on the Yes side of the taskbar to open the main print manager job window. Incl.

    Right-click the most important print job you want to delete and click Cancel.

    Fix 2. Remove The Print Queue Via CMD (command Line)

    clean print spooler utility

    Then click the Start button and select CMD in the search bar. Right-click the found cmd.exe and select the Run as administrator option when the temporary windows are displayed.

    Now copy and paste the following commands one by one (net stop spooler) into command line and window, press access key to execute them; Stop

    network bufferdel / F / q% SYSTEMROOT% system32 spool PRINTERS *. *Network winder

    You can copy and paste all the commands into a text document, and you can save and run the file in “clear-print-queue.bat” to clear the message queue manager with a completed queue batch (Powershell script).

    Fix 3: How To Manually Delete The Image Spooler Queue (dadprinter)

    Here we suggest you how to manually empty the spool of the print folder.

    Method 1 with patch 4

    1. Stop the production print spooler at the command line
      • Then click on start change and enter CMD in the job bar. Right-click the found cmd.exe and also select the “Run as administrator” option. and press Enter.
      •  Net stop my spooler 
    2. delete files are in the spooler> > printer folder
      • Open the following path
      • C: windows system32 spool printers
      • Then delete all files that are in full spool >> folder printer.
    3. Start the spooler print service from the command line.
      • Later, click the Start button and type CMD into the search tag. Right-click the found cmd.exe and select the “Run as administrator” option. (Run – “All Programs – Accessories” – Command Prompt.exe)
      • Now type the following command to run (network buffer) at the command prompt and press Enter.
      •  net started print spooler 

        How can I speed up my printer spooler?

        Configure the Windows print server.Use known discs for winding.Increase the disk space on the print server.Use role-specific print servers.Close open connections.Use fewer printer drivers and keep an eye on software.Increase your processor speed.

    1. Stop the print spooler service on the services page
      • Right click on the computer to find the icon, then click Hold, a window will open, find yourself ASAP, then click Enterprise and application Currently, in the right pane, click Services. You will probably now see the Print Spooler service. Look twice (double click), then press the STOP button.
    2. Make sure you delete files containing spool >> – these are printers found in
      • Open next path
      • C: windows system32 spool printers
      • Delete all versions that contain the spool >> the printer do.
    3. Start the service from the service page
      • Right click “My Computer / This Tattoo from PC” then click “Manage”, a completely new window will open. In the services that are now outside the right pane, you will now experience the Print Spooler service by double-clicking (double-clicking) and then clicking the START button.

    Fix 5. Automatic Fix Π΅ (clearing The Print Pool Queue)

    Download our automatic fix and run it once. The queue for your print spooler will automatically fill up.

    That’s all. Read this article to find a solution to clear the publish queue.

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