You Have An Issue With Civilization 4 Windows 7 XML Error

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    You should review these repair guidelines if you receive a Civilization 4 Windows 7 XML error message on your computer.

    So I finally decided to go back to Civ on some new machine, and I was having a really frustrating time because the XML was not working as expected. I searched the internet and found that it can be comparable to Windows 64 7, although it is compatible, but I could not find any strategy. Probably used, but when Skin Boil checks the validity of the memory cache, it says โ€œ11 files cannot be loaded and will be fetched again,โ€ but they will never be needed again! It doesn’t matter how many functions I try.

    In particular, the certificate errors are for German and Spanish XML files, but they also definitely prevent me from working with English.

    dbbkiller7 name = “1”> 9 long ago. back # 1

    Hi everyone, I have a complete collection of Civ Seven and Windows 7. I’m looking for XML if there are any errors while loading the game. I get around 100 when I load my game. family, and I have to go to the task manager when I exit the game, delete each one, how to program it?


    dbbkiller7 (ะก (Theme publisher) 9 decades ago # 2

    civilization 4 windows 7 xml error

    I can’t fix the game In addition, it says that sometimes I can’t install Civ 4 on my computer, although I have there is a patch in the Civ folder


    < p> beege_man it 9 years ago # 3

    You tried to move them all ? Game traces more reinstallation? I’ve never seen this problem before, but it could be a bad setup.

    L43 474/474 9/9/9/8/8/8/8/7/7 57/104
    HDCEA: int / mdef: 114-109-104 / 51 -53 -46 / 3-4-6.5 / 83/43 (37) Resist: Ice / (Fire) / (Lit) / Death AtkElem: Ice-Fire – Coral

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    dbbkiller7 (theme creator) back 9 years ago # 4

    I’ve also uninstalled the game in many situations, but get the same XML error every time.

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    beege_man 9 others before # 5

    Maybe this is a stupid question, c is, but you “administrator” on your own computer? I know there will be tons of security features in Win7 that will look great to prevent installation if you don’t have all the folders on your computer properly.

    L43 474/474 9/9/9/8/8/8/7/7 57/104
    HDCEA: int / mdef: 114-109-104 / 51-53 -46 / 3-4-6.5 / 83/43 (37) Resist: Ice / (Fire) / (Lit) / Death AtkElem: Ice-Fire-Coral

    dbbkiller7 (theme creator) at age 9 # 6

    actually discovered the poster. I’m not really sure why this happened, but I have the disks from step 2 in my 60GB SSD set which is my main drive, and a 500 hard drive. For some reason, it didn’t install correctly on the hard drive, so I have space, something on my hard drive is rarely running enough, it usually installs and works fine. I am not trying to determine why it cannot be installed productively on the hard drive. I get your main Windows admin question – I had some concerns about other games, but keep that in mind. I’m still new to Windows 7. But thanks everyone for the thoughts!


    GamerErman2001 9 years ago # 7

    Hmm, that’s weird at all. This game works on my favorite Windows 7 machine and I just don’t install my games to my hard drive.


    civilization 4 windows 7 xml error

    Hello All in all, I used Civ to make 4 – a complete collection, and my spouse and I have Windows 7. I am constantly prompting for XML whenever there are errors loading a particular game. Most often I get around 100 when I suggest my spouse take responsibility for the job and leave the game to take everything that everyone knows how to cope with it?

    I also cannot patch the game, because it says that I did not install Civ 4 on my computer, although I protected the patch in my Civ folder

    Have you uninstalled and reinstalled all traces of the game? I haven’t personally seen this issue, but it looks like the setup is bad. Yes

    I have measured and deleted the golf game several times, but I get the same XML errors every time.

    This may be a silly question, but are most people computer administrators? I know that there are some security features in Win7 that can severely interfere with proper installation if someone does not have full rights to the folder on the computer.

    I get it. I don’t know why this happened, but I have 2.5 drives in my setup, a 60 GB SSD which is my primary hard drive m, and the hard disk is 500. I have to install everything when the hard disk is full. for some reason it didn’t install to the hard drive exactly, so I freed up some space on my SDD, barely did enough and installed it fine and it worked fine. I’m not surprised why it doesn’t install to the hard drive efficiently. I got my favorite through the issuance of administrator rights on Windows. I’m still new to Windows 7. But thanks to everyone who cares!

    Hmm, this is weird. This game works on my Windows 7 computer and I never install my games on a new primary hard drive.

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