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    This error code means your Bosch washing machine simply won’t fill up with water. This could mean that water has spilled out, the inlet hose is kinked, or the valve at the water inlet is defective.

    Bosch washing machines are one of the most stable on the market. However, like any other mechanical device, it can become unethical. However, if you really need help, we offer a professional Bosch washing machine repair.

    What Is The Error Code?

    On Bosch washing machines with a good durable digital display, the error code is shown on the display as an alphabetic number, for example F17. For machines without a display, each code is displayed differently by lighting up on the display.

    If you receive an error message or an important error code while booting your device, don’t panic. Just take a look at our guide to find out what it means outside the home:

    Bosch WAA Washing Machines

    • Error code 1. This means that the rainwater is not heating and the heating element may need to be replaced.
    • Error code 2. Engine problem, This means that the main drum does not rotate.
    • Error code 5. The door is not closed or there is a problem with the safety mechanism.
    • Error 4: Code The heating circuit was not activated at the correct time.
    • Error code 5. Water does not flow into the machine, either because of a problem with the intake or because the valve is closed.
    • Error code 6. The machine has a serious problem emptying the cycle.
    • Error code 7. Usually the problem is related to the temperature on the sensor of your device.

    Bosch WAE Washing Machines

    • Error code 1. Problem with the door lock, as well as with the mechanism.
    • Error code 2: The equipment is not deflating quickly enough.
    • Error code 3: Your machine is not filling up water correctly.
    • Error code. Remember if there is a problem with the car that needs to be repaired.
    • Error code 5. Water leak detected directly under the machine.

    For WAE Machines With Digital Display You Also Have:

    • F16: Problems detected with door locking.
    • B17. Intake valve problem, which means the whole machine isn’t getting too much water.
    • B18. Whether there is aDischarge pump problems, which could mean your printer isn’t draining fast enough.
    • B21. Engine problem.
    • F23: flood protection mode triggered.

    Bosch WFF Washing Machines

    • Error code 1. The door does not close or there is a general problem with the sealing mechanism.
    • Error code 2: the mechanism is not filled with water correctly.
    • Error code 3: the machine does not heat the water to the required temperature.
    • Error code 4. The washing machine has been draining water for too long.
    • Error code 5. You have a problem with the motor of the motorized world. Code
    • Error 6: The heating circuit was activated for a short time at the wrong wash cycle time.
    • Above error code: short circuit in NTC temperature sensor.

    Bosch WFL Washing Machines

    • Error code 1. Problem with the property locking mechanism.
    • Error code 2: the machine does not fill with water.
    • Error code 3. There may be a problem with the item because the bottled water is not heating up.
    • Error code 2: your machine is not draining enough waterQuickly or does not drain water for more than 6 minutes.
    • Error code 5. The problem may be with the motor output drive.
    • Error code 6. The machine usually heats up unexpectedly.
    • Error code 7. Real error of the NTC temperature sensor.

    Bosch WFP Washing Machines

    • Q01: water absorption has actually expired; there is a problem with the inlet pipe; the tap can be closed; Your filtration systems may be blocked; Fresh water pressure is too low.
    • F02: cooling component expired; the water in the house does not heat up; Heating element problem due to your machine.
    • F03: device cleaning took too long; It is believed that there is a problem with the water point or water pressure; You have a sensitive, faulty pump.
    • F04: search results did not start or there was a problem.
    • Q05: There is indeed a problem with the starter core or worn carbon brushes that need to be replaced if necessary.
    • F06: There are NTCs that you just bypassed. A
    • f07: faulty NTC procedure detected.
    • F08: Probably yourdoor opened during product launch.
    • F09: Your computer started unexpectedly.
    • F10: An important communication error has occurred.
    • F11: Heatsink or motor board has overheated.
    • F12: Recently there was a short circuit or motor fault.
    • B13. The voltage in the person’s electrical network is too high.
    • B14. The mains voltage is also low.
    • B15. You must call a qualified electrician or washing machine repair service.

    Bosch Washing Machines

    • Error code 1: the door is not necessarily closed.
    • Error code 2. Your machine is definitely not filling with water.
    • Some error codes: water does not heat up.
    • Medicine error: code Your washing machine is really not empty.
    • Error code 5. Open or short circuit near the ntc thermistor.
    • Error code 6. The device heats up unexpectedly.
    • Error code 7: Motor drive circuit defective.

    Bosch WOK Washing Machines

    • Error code 1: The door is actually open when the machine tries to start.
    • Error code 2. Your water consuming machine is notaggregates.
    • Error 3: number. Data from the device is not being erased correctly.
    • Error code 4. Your machine heats up at the wrong time. Code
    • Error 5. Your engine starts unexpectedly or you have a nightmare with high impedance connections.
    • Error code 6. Cover open.
    • Error code 7. Your window covering. is an.
    • Your error code is 8. The engine of the machine is definitely not turning the drum.
    • Error code definition: if there is an open circuit in the NTC thermistor.
    • Error 10: Code NTC thermistor short circuit.
    • Error code 11. Usually the problem is with the vehicle sensor.
    • Error code 12. Failure of the K5 / K6 relay, which the engineer must have.

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    Please Note: This article is for informational purposes only. Never repair electrical appliances yourself. You should always contact the correct licensed engineer.

    bosch wfk 2200 error code 3

    Useful tip in case of overload: Your washing machine will reduce the washing efficiency. How much clothes should you put in the shower machine?

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