Patch Easy Way To Fix Borderlands Ended Early Due To A Bug

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    If you’re getting the Borderlands patch ending early due to an error message, today’s article was written to help you.

    Be A Good Consumer

    Last week I received the Borderlands DLC, Zombie Island of Dr. Ned purchased from my retail PC version of Borderlands. After the purchase, it became clear to me that I also needed to get update 1 v.1, which was already downloaded.

    We Have Your Problem

    My first attempt to update Borderlands resulted in a generic update error dialog. After browsing the Gearbox forums, I was advised to run the update using the “speedy” command with the “msiexec” program. (FIX) 1 Fatal error: Installation was aborted due to an error. This caused the patch to do the same “gather information about your computer” routine as the original patch and try to close without doing anything. A fairly quick check of the “msiexec” program’s on-line help showed a flag recording the type of configuration I had set, and posted its processing and the result of dxdiag on the Gearbox forums. – Hotfix or Zombie DLC Windows – 7 cannot be installed until error 1603 appears

    You Don’tmade. Do You Have?

    borderlands patch ended prematurely because of an error

    This is really interesting. Shortly after, I read a new post linked by someone who had a similar problem and posted a suggestion for when to run the msiexec program with the log flag set. A reply to mine posted by another member said it would be so stupid: “We know where to put the patch.” Answer. A quick search for the drive I installed in Borderlands (E:) turned up nothing. Searching 32 directories for 64-bit program files on the same C drive found both. Now the only question was pretty simple: does the patch and DLC require the game to only install to the Program Files directory on that C drive? A question in some FIX thread did not bring a better solution for several days, so I decided to try the market or reinstall Borderlands in my “C:Program Files(x86)” folder. .

    You Did It

    And guess what, the partition and DLC install without problems.

    It is simply unacceptable for a game developer that a patch can be installed anytime, anywhere the program was installed, when all the other games I patched clearly required it.

    I AMdownloaded the new patch, but unfortunately I get the message “Installation also completed due to an error”. Embassy. So I googled and found that if you go into command prompt and put “msiexec /i Setup.msi in /qb” of my patches folder, it should work. I did this additionally, it says “Configure Borderlands for” or maybe without what MSI usually says and after that it goes away without further information. If I just go to the game’s online menu, they tell me that I really need a patch, so I have a . Mister. confused what to do to make it work. DemonicGoblin 02:14, September 29 (UTC)

    In 2010, are you using a compressed ZIP file, or are you staying in a different folder on your hard drive? Dr. F 03:02, September 29, 2010 (UTC)

    Oh, boring, forgot everything around the disk. it would do something like this. MDR. DemonicGoblin 01:32, September 30 (UTC)

    Borderlands is essentially a dice game that combines elements of HL2, XIII and Diablo. It uses a special cellular shading technology that creates dark outlines and contour lines from dark fabric. On its way through the corresponding Border zones you can easily gain experience points and collect the necessary items.

    Setting Borderlands To 7

    borderlands patch ended prematurely because of an error

    If Windows Borderlands doesn’t install properly on Windows 7, try this fix.

    Open cmd.exe (Start -> drop down in cmd.exe in the search and additional field) enter the following line:

    msiexec /if:setup.msi /qb

    Be sure to correct the “f:” on the DVD or drive where the setup.msi file currently resides.

    What does he actually do? Basically, with a simple user interface, the installer will navigate to /qb and start a “normal install” (/i). Therefore, you probably won’t see the GUI. When reusing, just copy the files to your computer.

    Borderlands Performance Optimization And Windows 7 Crash

    Borderlands has relatively few functionality issues. Unfortunately, people with visible ATI cards have a lot of problems. HD5770 owners may face more problems than others. Athletes using Windows 7 are also more likely to get into accidents than others. So now for some potential fixes that you might find useful and:

    Rename Borderlands .exe
    If you’re already experiencing low frame rates just because your graphics card is pretty good, you can try renaming each game’s .exe to something else. Note. Only do this if you have a retail version of the game other than the Steam version.

    Updated: ASR Pro

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