What Is Preventing Battlefield Heroes From Working On Windows 7 And How To Fix It

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    If Battlefield Heroes has stopped working with Windows 7 error code on your PC, check out these troubleshooting ideas.

    So, I am sent straight to my browser (for you guys, I need to know that my Battlefield computer was in the first place) and I pick a great server.

    I really don’t want to move my business as I live in a small town where the maximum connection speed is 500 Kosovars.

    If you can most likely give me an answer without reinstalling the game, thanks!


    Sorry guys, I haven’t finished this game for a long time. He practically lost my interest when it became nearly impossible to play the idea without paying real money for in-game items, which didn’t get me back on track. If you absolutely need help, head over to the game’s support page, otherwise the forums. There are certainly many answers in both places now.

    battlefield heroes has stopped working windows 7

    Since I’ve encountered many things myself while playing Battlefield Heroes, I thought it would be in my best interest to have a whole page dedicated to fixing all the error messages for most games. I’ve also played the game on XP, Windows Vistas and Windows 7 and feel prepared enough to answer For most questions. Now, if you have any issues or questions regarding a bug, posting, or Battlefield Heroes in general, please leave a comment on this article and I’ll try to answer you. Here are some of your most common mistakes when making these fixes.

    You Were Kicked Out Of The Server. (1)

    battlefield heroes has stopped working windows 7

    This is the most annoying mistake to date, and it happens very often. Quite often, when you have an expired item, it stays equipped. So, if you are trying to participate in a meaningful game, you will be seen as a con man trying to turn to a weapon that you do not own. This problem; Ditch expired markers and markers, if you don’t have tools, arm yourself with them. It is so simple.

    Second, if you did cheat and were caught cheating, everyone is likely to be immediately excluded from your current game, whether you are reading or not. You are indebted to PunkBuster. (I hate the shorter ones. For punkbusters, this is inconsistency, but also constant misadventures, but that’s another level another time).

    Client Contains Invalid Data. (6)

    While this error is uncommon, it is a little more complex as it can come from a variety of sources. I’ll start with the simplest solution and position myself to the hardest.

    Easy – Quit the game, log out, log back in, restart the game. Perhaps you had a completely bad session, perhaps a damaged cookie or something similar. Disconnecting and reconnecting can resolve most of these errors.

    Do not use it to reinstall Easy – Game. Open Start, Control Panel and select Or Add Programs (or launch Outlook, Programs and Features). Find Battlefield And Heroes and uninstall it. Well start your work computer for measurement. Then return to, register and re-download the game. Damage or damage to the Marketplace can definitely lead to similar problems.

    Difficult – reinstall the update or drivers from your computer. Usually such errors are caused by errors in the video card drivers, but there are several correct drivers that can cause problems.

    Just embarrassing – there are rumors on the forums that taking off all the characters and starting the game might help. I need to test this method now.

    PunkBuster Error (22)

    As I said, PunkBuster has to be the most annoying anti-cheat system in general. If you receive error 24, it could be caused by several factors. As far as singles go, PunkBuster hates Windows, which doesn’t help you much. On the other hand, the punkbuster hates Internet Explorer 8. My recommendation; If you are getting this error, uninstall Battlefield Heroes, launch your browser as an administrator and download the game again. If you are using Internet Explorer 8, consider upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 for support, or just use Firefox.

    No Time To Connect (1002, 1009)

    This is a surprisingly indescribable problem; it simply means that there is currently no communication between the Battlefield Heroes server and your computer. Make sure you are still connected to the Internet and are using the latest version of this browser. If you received the followingIf there is an error message and you are connected to this internet, close the application, go back to the Battlefield Heroes homepage, remember to click on the Play Now link, it should be resolved. If that still doesn’t work, check your firewall; Your Steward may be blocking connections made through the Battlefield Heroes software.

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    One thing you should definitely check is the Battlefield Heroes website or their twitter … these servers may be temporarily down due to maintenance or something else, so it’s always a good idea to check these things out.

    Stay Informed!
    I Will Post Many More Bugs As Soon As I Find Them And Upon Request! If You Have A Specific Issue, Post It First For Comments, And I’ll Do A Few More To Reveal The Top Secret.

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