How To Fix Bash-rsh Command Not Found Error

Hope this user guide can help you if you find that the bash rsh command cannot be found.

Updated: ASR Pro

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    The rsh instruction (for remote output) allows you to run the person command on a remote computer without having to connect to the remote computer. If you know someone just wants to take advantage of the remote machine, rsh can help you quickly run a hold check on the remote machine.

    Veritas says it will set up a secure shell to customize installations of Veritas products.

    For more information on configuring a remote shell, see your operating system documentation .

    1. To ensure that rsh and rsh-server packages are located unambiguously, enter the following command:

      How do I enable rsh on Windows?

      At the command prompt, enter ksh.Connect to these remote motors:Run the rsetup command to add a new user password to the Windows Local Security Authority (LSA) database password for use with the rshd service.Go to the type / etc subdirectory in the MKS Toolkit installation directory.Open hosts.

       #  rpm -qa | grep -i rsh  

      If it is not in the file, enter the following command to add the “rsh” group to the / etc / securetty file:

       #  echo "rsh" >> / etc / securetty  

    2. bash rsh command not found

      name = “uxrt-51sp1_v46284998″> Change /etc/init.d/rsh disable = no.

    3. Change the “auth” type “required” in /etc/pam.d/rsh “from -for “enough”:

       Sufficient Authentication 
    4. Add the promiscuous flag to /etc/pam.d/rsh and / etc / add pam.d / rlogin after the “” entry.

    5. To activateTo run the rsh server altogether, enter the following command:

       # Rsh  chkconfig on  
    6. Edit the .rhosts file. Each line of the .rhosts file generates a fully qualified domain name and / or, optionally, an IP address for each remote office. This file also contains the name or company name of the user who has access to local system support. For example, if the root user needs to remotely find system1 from system2, add a search for to the .rhosts initiative on system1 by typing the following command:

       #  echo "" >> $ HOME / .rhosts  
    7. Name = “uxrt-51sp1_v9345717″>

      Install your Veritas product.

    1. name = “uxrt-51sp1_v46285073″> Remove the “rsh” entry in our / etc / securetty.

    2. Shut down the entire rsh server by entering the following command:

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       #  chkconfig rsh off  
    3. After complete installation, remove the .rhosts file from all $ HOME client directories around’Keep it safe:

       #  rm -f $ HOME / .rhosts  

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    How do I enable rsh?

    To verify that all rsh and rsh-server packages can be installed, enter the following command: number rpm -qa | grep -i rsh.Modify / etc / init.In the /etc/pam.d/rsh directory, change the “auth” type from “required” to “sufficient”: sufficient auth.As you can see, d Add to / etc / pam.

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