Android Buildconfig Debug Solution Not Working

If android buildconfig debug error doesn’t work on your machine, check out these troubleshooting ideas.

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    Do not import BuildConfig. It’s an auto-generated each class, and you don’t want to import it, despite what Android Studio might tell you.

    android buildconfig debug not working

    When Android asks Die studio Person to import BuildConfig, it’s probably because you need to create a nice initial Gradle build, create your own auto-generated class containing com. yourdomain.yourapp.BuildConfig. This can continue if you Android update Studio and then Gradle or if you Build call -> Clean project.

    Of course, if you import the BuildConfig of an alternative package, the title might still be wrong because those products only release their own builds, not debug builds.

    In regards to other types of answers that recommend changing your build.gradle, I found that the buildType spec conflicts when this behavior is the default for Android Studio and its build declaration BuildConfig and I had a duplicate entry. No

  • Pay attention to each buildconfig of your package (if allowed, leave go red)
  • Don’t create buildType in your build.gradle (this can lead to conflicts between default build behavior and automatic class generation)
  • Ignore lint error
  • Run build
  • I run into this when I’m extending Android Studio and Gradle, and whenever I clean up a project.

    Don’t parse the buildconfig of another package – it will always be wrong because they don’t release certain debug builds. My

    In a project, when I import sentences from any of your local library, I get an error as no one is posting them, you just debugged it, so of course it’s really fake if you’re really pointing it at who something else.

    Run a simple assembly. The class is automatically generated and the warning disappears.

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